Financial Inclusion

Extend Financial Inclusion rapidly using a packaged and integrated model bank that is developed specifically to increase access to relevant financial services.

Financial Inclusion Solution

Financial Inclusion is focused on increasing access to financial services for individuals and businesses who have been historically excluded. Temenos’ solution enables institutions to rapidly deploy specialist and relevant products both digitally and through physical distribution channels.

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Go-Live Faster

Identify the expected time, effort and resource requirements beforehand. Functionality and processes are pre-configured to provide model bank templates for rapid deployment based on 25 years of industry best practice.

Process-Guided Product Builder

Create new products quickly using embedded best practices for optimal results.

Pre-Packaged Specialized Products

Instant access to Temenos Transact, model bank functionality, and Temenos Infinity channels as well as user experience.

Financial Inclusions - City in the clouds

On-Premise or On-Cloud

Deployment options are available according to your individual needs; on-premise or SaaS on a private, public or hybrid cloud.

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Open APIs Enable Innovation

Published APIs for open banking, interoperability, digital payments, and the latest FinTech innovations.

Measurable Success


9.6 million customers

99 %

99% uptime

“For the services, we are allowed to offer, there is no difference between what you get at the micro-finance and rural bank level and what you get when you go to the investor banks, which is a great achievement, all powered by the Temenos solution. We will any day, any time, recommend Temenos to any micro-finance institution.”

Michael Appiah, Head of Operations ARB Apex Bank Ltd.
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Product Overview

Product Designer

Interactive processes to develop and deploy new products defined and published by the catalog for faster time to market.

Configurable Origination

Rules for any account, loan or deposit origination are configurable to individual requirements.

Real-Time Payment Processing

No need for duplication of processes or batches; the payer and payee can instantly receive online real-time payments and all their associated benefits.

Customer Documentation

A complete approach for the creation, delivery, view and archiving of any associated documentation and files.

Customer Success

Seychelles Credit Union – Success Story

Following an extensive intelligence gathering exercise, SCU selected Temenos Inclusive Banking Suite as its new core platform. The solution provides SCU with access to the Temenos Transact core banking solution in a configuration specifically designed for credit unions and microfinance institutions rather than large-scale commercial banks.

Barko Financial Services – Success Story

With Temenos Transact and Temenos Infinity, BFS expects to dramatically accelerate customer onboarding, cut loan application and origination times, speed time-to-market for new products and services, and reduce total cost of ownership.

“A robust and open back end is essential to innovation in financial services. It allows our systems to scale and remain nimble. This is what Temenos provides. We see a lot of other players with very interesting new technologies but struggling to move from one successful operation to a global multi-country operation at scale. When Microred decides to move into a different direction or change markets, it’s not a question of more implementation, but a simple configuration in the back end.”

Denis Moniotte, Chief Innovation Officer and CTO – Microred
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You’re in Good Company

Temenos Platform

Cloud-Native, Cloud-Agnostic

Lower costs with the elastic scalability, security, and control you need to shape your business.

APIs & Extensibility

Innovate faster with access to over 700 open APIs in the largest FinTech ecosystem.

Microservices & Containers

Microservice architectures enable continuous application upgrades and cloud scalability.

Distributed Database

Achieve true horizontal scalability in the database layer and operate on an active-active basis across multi-cloud.

Temenos Continuous Deployment – DevOps

Reduce cost and shorten software release cycles – code in the morning, deploy in the afternoon.

Security & Immutable Logging

Protect your bank from modern digital threats with the highest levels of security.

AI & Machine Learning

Explainable AI enables transparency into automated decisions and provides intelligent banking by growing revenues, cutting costs and enhancing the customer experience.

Multiexperience Development Platform

Deliver a best-in-class user experience as a consistent and seamless multiexperience digital journey across various touch points and modes of interactions.

White Paper

New Economist Intelligence Unit Report: Demanding More

What are banks’ top strategic priorities when it comes to customer experience? What customer-related technologies are they investing in? And what actions are banks taking to keep up with consumer demands for more inclusive and socially conscious banking? Download the report to find out.
White Paper and Report

Forrester Deals Survey 2021

The Forrester survey recognizes Temenos as the only Global Power Seller with a 20% increase in new named deals. This is the 15th time that Temenos has achieved Global Power Seller status.

Latest News

Media Coverage

MEA Finance – Making an impact

If all the bank customers relying on Temenos solutions were a nation, it would be the third largest. As part of MEA Finance Magazine’s LEADERS IN BANKING TECHNOLOGY special report, Jean-Paul Mergeai, President of APAC and MEA, reflects on his journey with the company and where their future is taking them.

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