Temenos Transact – Core Banking

Temenos Transact for Wealth Management & Private Banking

Temenos Transact offers an integrated and deep set of capabilities around all areas of wealth management and private banking.

Product Overview

The Widest Range of Instruments

The system processes transactions relating to the purchase, sale, settlement and holding of securities instruments, funds, derivatives and structured products.

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Corporate Actions

There is full STP processing of elective and non-elective corporate events, with defaults set by security type, customer and portfolio.

Personalized Fees

Fees can be personalized at individual and family levels. This enables you to produce appropriate fee structures according to each customers’ position and proposed wealth management plan.

Accounts & Deposits

The system supports accounts and deposits varying from straightforward bullet transactions to more complex structured and fiduciary arrangements.

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Cash Management

Establish conventional compensation hierarchies, together with balance sweeping and virtual account structures.


Forbes Report – The Next Generation Wealth Manager

To develop a full understanding of the qualities that will propel wealth managers successfully into the future, one must start with the client — high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and mass-affluent investors, both of whom bring to the table a tech-forward attitude and the will to grow their assets.

AI and The Modern Wealth Manager – Results Europe

Temenos and Forbes Insights surveyed 310 wealth managers (WMs) and high-net-worth individual investors across the globe about their acceptance and use of digital wealth technology including AI in wealth management.

AI and the Modern Wealth Manager – Latin America

As digital wealth technology including artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly finds its way into the hitherto traditional world of wealth management, a new balancing act has emerged that will define the future of the industry