Temenos Regulatory Compliance

Temenos Regulatory Maintenance

Temenos Regulatory Maintenance is a packaged offering that provides your bank with certainty over the cost and timing of solution changes that you identify as being necessary to maintain regulatory compliance.

Gain Certainty

When your bank has signed up for Regulatory Maintenance, the cost is fixed in advance. Notify Temenos that a change is needed to the software and we will commit to making these changes on agreed delivery date.

Maintain the Regulatory Relationship

Your bank remains the regulated entity, and still has the responsibility and oversight for the relationship with the regulator.

Efficiency Through Scale

Where possible, we will combine the compliance work for several banks to provide a generic, yet flexible solution, allowing for different interpretations of the regulation and accelerating overall delivery.


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Complaint Management Triage

In this webinar, members of the Temenos team will cover a variety of aspects of Complaint Management from tracking and reporting complaints to regulator expectations.