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Unleash the power of big data with the Temenos Data Lake to unlock the value of real-time structured and unstructured data.

Why Temenos Data Lake

Temenos Data Lake delivers a banking specific, real-time big data platform which is fully integrated with modern banking software products such as Temenos Transact and Temenos Infinity. Temenos Data Lake delivers out-of-the box, real-time, multi-source data streaming, data integration, data preparation and data optimization to empower banks with the highest quality data to power reporting, analytics, and AI-driven digital banking applications.

Temenos Data Lake is a next generation big data management product built specifically for banking. It is a foundational platform for Temenos Analytics to help banks manage and future-proof their capabilities in the ever-changing landscape of data and analytics,

It includes 4 main integrated modules:

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Data Event Streaming

A highly scalable, elastic, distributed and fault-tolerant application to stream data events. It is integrated with popular streaming platforms such as Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, and Azure Event Hub.

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Big Data Engineering

Provides highly scalable Apache Spark based data engineering and ETL operations capabilities to the Data Lake platform. Data engineering pipelines can be built with no code, using an intuitive drag and drop web interface.

Operational Data Store

A compilation of banking specific analytical models, which can consolidate data from multiple source systems, that provides a foundation for thousands of banking analytics, dashboards, reports, APIs, and AI models.

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Analytical Data Store

A compilation of banking specific analytical models, which can consolidate data from multiple source systems, that provides a foundation for thousands of banking analytics, dashboards, reports, APIs, and AI models.

Measurable Success

90 %

Reduces data integration and preparation work up to

90 %

Reduce development time by up to 90% and enable efficient data science development

80 %

Reduce data platform and infrastructure costs by up to 80%

80 %

Potential reduction in risk and compliance data integration costs of up to 80%

Product Overview

Temenos Transact data preparation

Temenos Data Lake extracts and prepares complex data from Transact into simple to understand data models for XAI, analytics, reporting, and AI use cases

Risk Management

Temenos Data Lake provides curated data models which greatly accelerate a banks integration with risk and regulatory reporting solutions such as Axiom SL


By providing choice of platform and cloud, Temenos Data Lake transforms the bank’s data infrastructure whilst optimizing costs and increasing scalability and performance

Temenos Payments real-time analytics

Temenos Data Lake ingests real-time data from the Temenos Payments hub, providing insights into payments activities, revenues, and enabling data driven business optimization

Temenos Infinity customer data integration

Temenos Data Lake acts as a customer data hub, integrating and consolidating many customer data sources into one master customer data model, enabling hyper personalized customer journeys and interactions

Fred Cook, Chief Information Officer at BlueShore Financial, said:

“Temenos Data Lake and Temenos Analytics are mission critical for us in executing our unique strategy and differentiating our value proposition. The ability to integrate and combine many types of data is essential to gaining full business insights. The use of Temenos Analytics has enabled us to surgically execute our strategy, by defining customer micro-segments and tailoring our products and services specifically for these segments. This has led to an increase of 138% of assets under management only 8 years. Temenos Data Lake along with their integrated data engineering and analytics tools, will help us continue this aggressive growth strategy. We will now be able to blend traditional structured banking data with unstructured data such as social and voice, allowing us to find new, untapped, market opportunities.”

Martin Stiller, Analyst at IDC Financial Insights, said:

“Business and IT leaders are overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety of data at their disposal, and the cost of managing all this business intelligence. Fragmented access to enterprise data also creates a major barrier in building connected financial services. Internally aggregated data enriched by second / third party data is going to be crucial to start offering personalized services at scale. Temenos’ Data Lake announcement brings more innovation to this market and gives banks more options to consider as they decide on their approach to leveraging big data to enhance their business.”


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North American bankers sense danger more than most from new entrants to their market, according to a global retail banking survey released by Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the banking software company. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, A Whole New World: How technology is driving the evolution of intelligent banking in North America, conducted on behalf of Temenos, reveals changing customer behavior and demands as one of the biggest trends that will impact retail banking in North America.