Distributed Database

Engineered to use distributed relational database technology.

Traditional relational databases are not always able to gain the maximum benefits from the cloud. Temenos products support distributed databases, natively designed and optimized for the cloud, providing a data management architecture that extends the competitive advantages gained by cloud adoption. Through a strategic partnership and participation in NuoDB, an enterprise-class distributed SQL database provider, you will benefit from unlimited processing capacity, auto-elastic scalability and the highest levels of active-active resilience across data centers, geographies, and cloud platforms.

Elastically Scale-Out

Distributed Database technology allows you to elastically scale-out, as needed, in a linear fashion without incurring the disproportionate scale-up overheads of legacy database approaches.

Achieving Zero Downtime

Inherently designed for reliability, from keeping the application up, running and available for resilience and automated redundancy in a single data center, an active-passive architecture for disaster recovery, or even an active-active database across multiple availability zones.

Trusted Relational Model

Unlike many distributed database solutions, Temenos believes that the trusted relational model is required to ensure data consistency and integrity at scale.

Reduce Cloud Computing Cost

A distributed database optimizes hardware utilization, automates redundancy and reduces disaster recovery overhead, effectively reducing costs while improving performance.


Using Temenos Workbench to Customize Transact, Extend APIs & More

Stuck in the house?  Learn something new while you are practicing social distancing! Temenos Workbench supports the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and DevOps capabilities, providing a single entry tool to configure Temenos Transact modules with easy-to-use, intuitive and consistent tooling.

How the Temenos Developer Community Helps Banks to Leverage the Power of APIs

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