Don Bergal

Sr. Vice President, Marketing

Don is SVP Marketing, building and leading worldwide marketing at Temenos. He has a successful 25 year record of growing technology businesses in marketing, operations, and sales management, particularly with early stage and high growth companies.

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Banking Industry Outlook 2019

In advance of the Financial Services Royal Commission’s final report due to be submitted to the Governor-General on 1 February 2019, Temenos' Sales Director Australia & New Zealand, Nick Edwards and Head of Client Advisory, Chris Wooldridge, sat down to provide their view on all things Royal Commission and more.

2018 Top Banking Trends Guide: Mid-Year Update

Some of the trends we uncovered were from our 2018 State of Digital Banking Report, which found significant improvements in digital and mobile capabilities among banks that we surveyed. Read on to find our list of great resources as well as the surprising trends that we’ve uncovered.
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Top 3 Trends in Bank Digital Transformation

Forrester’s survey results echo what we saw in our 2018 State of Digital Sales in Banking Report—namely, that banks fully recognize that digital transformation is necessary for their future success, but banks are still in various stages of building and executing on their plans.