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Temenos Reconfirmed as a Top Global Player and a Global Power Seller in Forrester’s Global Banking Platform Deals Survey 2019

Forrester’s prestigious Global Banking Platform Deals Survey 2019 reveals that:

  • Temenos has been reconfirmed as a ‘Top Global Player’ for seventh consecutive year and a ‘Global Power Seller’ for new business deals for the 13th consecutive year;
  • In the past, the functionality banks purchased indicated that they saw digital banking as limited to digital channels. However, “functional buying patterns show increasing interest in end-to-end digital banking”
  • “Established banking platform vendors tend to be more transparent than core banking FinTechs when it comes to market success and solution capabilities”, states Forrester.

[1] Don’t Select Banking Software Without Understanding The State Of The Banking Platform Market, May 2019, Forrester

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