Scaling Digital
Banking Channels
for Growth – Securely

Build trust, grow revenue and mitigate risk
with the rise in digital transactions.

Consumers expect seamless and safe transactions through digital channels, and will seek out organizations that will meet their needs. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the shift to digital channels has been leaving many organizations scrambling to keep up. Financial institutions must now adapt their services to scale in digital channels to better serve their customers, yet the struggle of how to provide a secure yet seamless experience still remains.

At least 1 in 5 U.S. consumers polled by TransUnion have already been targeted by phishing and other economic environment COVID-19-related digital scams, while a 14% increase in risky financial services transactions has been observed by TransUnion.

Fortunately you can optimize your digital channels, grow revenue and mitigate your risk while providing an engaging experience. Please join Peter DeMars, CFE UMB Bank, Adam Miller, Director – CX practice from Temenos, and Matt Johnson from TransUnion (formerly iovation) as they discuss:

  • How to manage the rise in digital transactions, and turn it into an channel for growth
  • How to proactively address increasing and changing fraud such as such as account takeover, phishing and first party fraud
  • How you can streamline decisioning and risk management to secure trust with device intelligence, real-time identity data checks
  • Discover actionable strategies for success in the post COVID-19 environment