2018 Mortgage Servicing Updates

Is your financial institution aware of the CFPB’s upcoming amendments to the provisions of the TILA/RESPA Mortgage Servicing Rule? Learn whether these changes will apply to you and how they will impact your current mortgage servicing procedures by joining us for this webinar. 

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In this webinar, we will focus on the recent changes to the Mortgage Servicing Rule and the amendments effective April 19, 2018. Join Temenos’ Senior Compliance Consultant, Jon Tavares and Temenos’ Senior Compliance Advisor, Matt Goble, as we discuss the “ins and outs” of these new rules! This webinar will cover the amendments effective in April which includes:

  • Why under certain circumstances you must provide a modified periodic statement or coupon book due to a borrower in bankruptcy
  • Who is a successor in interest and a confirmed successor in interest and the circumstances under which you do not need to send periodic statements and other disclosures to confirmed successors in interest who is not liable on the loan
  • How you must treat error notices, requests for information and loss mitigation applications from successors in interest

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Jon Tavares

Senior Compliance Consultant – Temenos

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Matt Goble

Senior Compliance Advisor – Temenos

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