Judo Bank – Success Story

Goes live in Record Time with Temenos

The small business community is the heart of every society and this is particularly the case in Australia. Therefore the ability to help those businesses and help the engine room of Australia to grow is something that all banks should focus on.

Judo Bank is the first Challenger Bank to be launched in Australia focused on the SME segment intending to build relationships with companies with turnover of up to AUD50M. On April 24, 2019, Judo reached a milestone by receiving its full banking license from APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority), becoming the second challenger bank after Volt Bank, to receive a license out of all the new entrants coming into the market.

With a clean sheet paper approach to all of their technology, Judo was able to start with the very best. Judo went “from whoa to go in 12 weeks” implementing a full core banking system in the cloud, an unheard of and out of this world project plan!

Watch the full video to see what was achieved!