Judo Bank – Success Story

The Best of Technology-enabling the new SME Expectation

The Australian marketplace for SMEs is massively underserved and constrained of capital for the last 10 years. Judo the first Challenger Bank to be launched in Australia focused on the SME segment, has come to the market to try and release what is the engine of the Australian economy.

To launch a new bank is a massive technology challenge; from internal systems, customer facing websites, security and beyond – it’s a lot to take on! With this in mind Judo approached the technology project with the customer at the heart of it all. Judo are changing the experience of SME customers, to make sure they’re able to not only get access to capital quickly but efficiently through digital channels. The technology is there to facilitate change quickly and also to make sure that Judo can offer that differentiated customer experience throughout the customer life journey.

Watch the full video to see what Alex Twigg, CIO & Co-Founder at Judo Bank, and Tom Bentley, Head of Sales at Temenos Australia had to say about how both teams achieved this.