We take a customer live on our software every day with our continuous transformation approach. The combination of our model bank framework and our three proven implementation strategies – including Build & Renovate, Continuous Renovation and Big Bang approach, dramatically reduces transformation time, cost and risk.

Implementation strategies

Implementation Strategies

While banks can adopt a number of traditional deployment methods when undergoing a major digital transformation, Temenos’ ‘Build & Renovate’ approach offers the fastest time-to-value and lowest implementation risk.

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Implementation Methodology

We have proven Services to guide you expertly through a safe, predictable and successful implementation to the highest standards.

Model Bank Approach

Model Bank Approach

The world’s best-selling core banking system for the 14 consecutive years, with broad out-of-the-box functionality suitable for banks in all sectors and geographies.

Temenos Learning Community

The answer to modern, accessible, blended Temenos training and the growing, global demand for Temenos experts.


Temenos has a global network of partners to reduce implementation risk and provide technology.