Self-Serve Portal

How-To Create a Product Page

1. Create a New “product” Item

On the left-hand menu, select Product > Add Product

2. Add a Page Title

This is the title that will appear in the “resource box” when displayed on related pages.  Use Title Case.

3. Add a Header Title

This is the Main Title and subtext that will appear on the page itself.  No button text is necessary, you can leave this blank.

4. Add Your Hero Image

While the Hero block is selected; Expand the “Background Options” menu on the right-hand side.  Browse to select your hero image.

5. Add a Block

Click the plus sign to add a new block; select Paragraph. This is where you will type your news article.

7. Setting Up the Page

In the right-hand menu, select Document. This panel is where you will make all the necessary changes to set this page up as a blog item.

8. Select Related Tags

In the Related section, select all items that relate to this article. When more than one related item is checked, an additional drop-down will appear below the checkboxes.  Select the primary related item.

9. Set the Feature Image

In the Featured Image Section, select the featured image related to this blog.  This will be the “landscape” sized image that matches the hero.

10. Add an Excerpt

In the Excerpt section, write a short description of this blog article.  This will appear in the “resource box” when the item is displayed on other pages.

11. Preview Your Page

Click the Preview button at the top of the page to see how the page will look once it’s live.