Temenos Infinity – digital banking platform

Temenos Infinity Virtual COO

A personal COO in the pocket of small business owners that puts ambition, control and confidence back into the hands of the SME.

Digital Transformation in SME Banking

Temenos sees an opportunity to fundamentally reimagine how to serve the SME sector, to implement an innovative digital-centric and data-driven service that can transform the experience of SMEs. Digital is at the heart of the next wave of SME banking services. This is a growing market with many diverse and complex needs; a market that needs better products, more tailored to financial services. The intent is clear: to support growth, increase access to capital and supporting services and support the lifeblood of the economy.

Revolutionizing the SME Banking Experience

Temenos Infinity VCOO is a COO in the small business owners pocket powered by data, analytics and AI. Its job is to empower the business owner to make smart decisions, solve problems and free up time to grow the business.

Stay in Control of your Business

Analyze your “business health” using real-time dashboards and intelligent insights to gain a complete picture of your business operation and decide what is next.

Seize the Market Opportunity

Use AI augmented business planning and simulation tools to perform ‘what if’ analysis, identify options growth and make the best decision for your business.

Refocus Back on What you Love to Do

Let the VCOO take care of your business by automating the predictable, repetitive tasks and sending you real-time alerts for opportunities or risks.

Digital Innovation for SME Banking

Temenos Infinity VCOO is a business intelligence growth engine powered by data to unlock small business growth, manage risk and drive engagement throughout the life of the business, becoming the trusted partner. It provides intelligent insights, AI enriched simulation and automated fulfilment that drives funding innovation and cash optimization.

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Become the Trusted Business Advisor

Go beyond the boundaries of traditional SME banking and implement a proactive engagement model. Use data and technology to provide intelligent insights, guide business owners and help them solve problems.

Drive Funding Innovation

Unlock SME banking growth in your market while managing risk. Use open banking data to understand the complete financial situation of your small business clients and offer relevant products and service tailored to their need.

Enhance the Bank’s personal touch with innovative technology

Differentiate your SME offering on digital experience. Provide a unique personalized application to your business clients to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

Tailor your solutions to the SMEs’ needs and lifecycle

SMEs need different financial solutions depending on their size and with VCOO banks can drive engagement through the entire SME lifecycle, offer relevant solutions and as a result reduce attrition.

Next Generation SME Banking Platform

Smart Dashboards

A real-time view of ‘business health’ aggregating and integrating multiple data sources to deliver a relevant, timely and complete picture of business operations.

Actionable Insights

Creating order and meaning from data to deliver a useful diagnosis of business activities helping business owners to understand what’s happened and why, and enabling the next best action.

Predictive Modelling

Engaging the collective power of machine and industry intelligence to educate business owners to various options for addressing opportunities, and prescribe a recommendation.


Enabling human AI augmentation by allowing business owners to visualize alternate outcomes and perform ‘what if’ analysis of the AI models presented, empowering them to make informed choices for their business.

Eco-system Synergy

Exposing industry collaboration opportunities for the SME and bank. Accelerating connectivity – amongst the SME’s themselves as well as professional service providers to stoke growth and tap into expertise. Data driven benchmarking and support to maximize SME success. Unlock new business for the bank maintaining inter bank SME liquidity

Track & Trigger

The automated monitoring of information and channels to identify and alert business owners to opportunities or risks for their timely attention, serving as a ‘real-time business coach’.


Allowing the system to learn and automate the predictable, repetitive aspects of the operation, freeing business owners to spend time growing their business instead of running it.

Open Banking Data Aggregation

Enabling banks to create insights using data outside of the traditional banking systems. Data is aggregated and pulled into the Temenos Infinity VCOO through APIs connected to multiple financial and business solutions used by SMEs such as ERP, HR, Payroll and expense management.


Enabling small business owners to connect with each other and industry experts to support their day-to-day business management and growth.

Supporting Products

Temenos AI

AI empowers banks to provide individualized, frictionless customer experiences, drive customer loyalty and profitability, and automate processes.

Temenos Analytics

A comprehensive Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence product allowing banks to be more efficient and profitable by providing robust, banking specific, financial, profitability, customer, and digital analytics.


Codat makes accounting integration simple. Through a single API, financial service providers can easily access accurate contributed accounting data from their small business customers.