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Omnichannel Banking

Eliminate the silos from the digital banking experience. From a single platform, cover all channels, all banking sectors, and all core or back-office systems. Design once and cover mobile apps, web and branch experiences, then extend to conversational banking.

Product Overview

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Unified Experience Across Silos

Temenos Infinity creates a single customer experience that unifies disparate back-office silos, all from a single platform. API based connections integrate multiple disparate back-office systems into a unified experience and a common marketing catalog of available products. With Temenos Infinity, there are no more separate experiences for different products.

Single Customer View

Bankers now have a 360-degree view of their customers,
including full account history, transactions and
integrated CRM data. Analytics-driven recommendations
are also included to fuel product upsell. Activity in any product area is reflected in the single customer view, giving bankers the visibility to offer the best guidance for their client.

Omnichannel - Server

Core Independent

Temenos Infinity is independent of core banking systems.
Omnichannel banking uses APIs to support multiple
vendor cores, internally built systems and Temenos T24
. Hosting can be based in the cloud or on-premise.

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Account Aggregation

Give customers a dashboard to manage all finances connected to aggregation services. Temenos Infinity account aggregation makes your bank app the center of their financial world.

Automated Wealth Advice

Temenos Infinity now includes Robo-Advisor capabilities within the omnichannel banking feature options. Designed the mass-affluent market sector, Robo-Advisor helps clients structure and manage their investments alongside routine account transactions. And with Goal-Based Investing, clients can tailor their savings, spending and investments to achieve financial targets.

Embedded Banking Through Conversation

Customer experience is the differentiator that sets banks apart. Understanding customer goals and needs, even before they do, and designing contextual experiences that add value to their lives is the vision of tomorrow. Meeting your customers wherever they are with personalized banking experiences, seamlessly embedded into their lives is the expectation.

White Paper

10 Tips for an Effective Onboarding Experience

Having worked in the banking industry for many years, Temenos has identified a number of best practices. In this white paper you will access Customer acquisition best practices and Proven tactics that will increase completion rates

Latest News


Redefining Best-in-Class Banking

In the fast-paced world of technology, the idea of minimum viable product (MVP) is a common application development technique to rapidly deliver a new product with sufficient features. However, we’ve taken a completely different approach to how we deliver solutions.

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