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Transact Data Hub

Empower the Temenos Transact core banking platform with a fully integrated and embedded data platform providing date event streaming, data engineering, and purpose built data stores for highly performant APIs, accelerated reporting, and faster time to AI.

Why Transact Data Hub

Transact Data Hub delivers a real-time data platform which is fully integrated and embedded within the world leading core banking product, Temenos Transact.

Transact Data Hub delivers multiple essential data capabilities which are critical to modern banks looking to fully leverage the power of the data held within the core banking platform. Out-of-the box, real-time data streaming, highly performant data engineering, and purpose built data stores provide banks with the highest quality data to power reporting, analytics, internal data systems, and AI-driven digital banking applications.

Transact Data Hub is a next generation data management product built specifically for Temenos Transact. Transact Data Hub supports deployment to all major clouds, leverages multiple underlying database platforms, and can be deployed in as little as 30 days.

It includes 4 main integrated modules:

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Data Event Streaming

A scalable, elastic, distributed and fault-tolerant application to stream data events from Transact. It is integrated with popular streaming platforms such as Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, and Azure Event Hub.

Data Engineering

Simple to use solution to ingest and transform streaming data from Transact into downstream data models and analytical solutions. Highly performant and vertically scalable solution levering the best in class Apache Spark platform.

Operational Data Store

A real-time, highly optimized, representation of data from Temenos Transact. This data store enables banks a foundation for faster APIs enabling real-time analytics, customer engagement, and reporting.

Snapshot Data Store

A curated end of day snapshot of banking data, ideal for end of day financial and operational reporting or for feeding downstream data systems such as risk management, treasury, and marketing.

Measurable Success

90 %

Reduces Transact data extraction, preparation, and optimization work up to 90%

80 %

Reduce report and analytics development time by up to 80% vs. internal builds

60 %

Reduce data platform and infrastructure costs by up to 60%. by leveraging open source technologies

80 %

Potential reduction in risk and compliance data integration costs of up to 80%

Product Overview

Streaming Data

Transact Data Hub includes a full license for Data Event Streaming. This includes full design time capabilities allowing a bank to configure data and business events to be streamed via the most populate streaming platforms.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering provides a no-code interface which allows a bank to build scalable, real-time, data pipelines. Banks can use Data Engineering to prepare Transact data into optimal formats and feed any downstream system.

Cloud Agnostic

By providing choice of platform and cloud, Transact Data Hub transforms the bank’s data infrastructure whilst optimizing costs and increasing scalability and performance

Data Stores

Transact Data Hub provides two essential data stores, Operational Data Store and Snapshot Data Store which provide packaged and optimized data from Temenos Transact into relational database formats

Temenos Data Lake Upgrade

Transact Data Hub leverages the same technology stack as Temenos Data Lake, thus, clients can seamlessly upgrade to the full feature capability of Temenos Data Lake such as multi-source integration, XAI integration, Infinity integration, and more.

“Business and IT leaders are overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety of data at their disposal, and the cost of managing all this business intelligence. Fragmented access to enterprise data also creates a major barrier in building connected financial services. Internally aggregated data enriched by second / third party data is going to be crucial to start offering personalized services at scale. Temenos’ Data Lake announcement brings more innovation to this market and gives banks more options to consider as they decide on their approach to leveraging big data to enhance their business.”

Martin Stiller, Analyst at IDC Financial Insights, said:

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