Inés Muñoz Vidal

Digital Banking Specialist

Ines is a digital banking expert with in-depth knowledge of the banking industry as well as experience with a number of fintech organizations. She is passionate about understanding the triggers of continuous transformation, the needs and expectations of customers and the impact digital banking is having on business. She has been featured with a number of industry experts over the last 5 year on Capital Radio in a series called First Movers, where she has provided great insights and lead discussions on topics such as: the need for digital content to engage with customers, payments strategies as well as cybercrime.

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Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report: ‘Overseeing AI: Governing artificial intelligence in banking

The latest Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report: ‘Overseeing AI: Governing artificial intelligence in banking’ sponsored by Temenos, takes a deep dive into the complex world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Like many new technologies before it, AI is still at the stage where it has to prove itself to be useful to bank customers. There is still healthy scepticism in the minds of customers around the use of AI by banks, and it will take time for that to be broken down.

Will Banks Have to Regulate the Speed at Which AI Spreads Through Their Systems?

The report says that the guidance that regulators have offered so far can be described as “light touch”, taking the form of information and recommendations rather than rules or standards. This is a potential minefield for banks which think AI is a type of wonder-solution. The report postulates that this 'light-touch' approach is to avoid drying up innovation. Another reason how AI will evolve. AI is still in its early years and not many vendors really understand its potential or likely direction. As the report points out, there is no single expert who can answer every query about how AI works.