Ali Mentesh

Payments Sales, Europe

Ali Mentesh is responsible for the European business development of Temenos’ award-winning payments offerings. Since joining Temenos in 2018, Ali has been responsible for promoting the Temenos Payments proposition and supporting clients with their ambitions to scale and comply with evolving regulatatory frameworks and standards such as ISO20022. He has spearheaded Temenos’ engagement with new entrants, challengers, traditional FIs, aggregators and infrastructure providers to drive awareness of the growing success of Temenos in payments. He has over 20 years of experience in the payments sector including regional roles across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Ali is deeply involved in industry initiatives around new methods of payment, regulatory compliance and Fintech engagements to support overlay services such as Request to Pay.

Latest articles from Ali Mentesh


The Request To Pay Revolution, Time to Choose Your Partners

Request to Pay (R2P) is a new method for settling bills between people, organizations, and businesses. For years, old-fashioned paper and e-mail invoices have been used to list services and request payment for those services. But R2P is about to change that by helping us to move to a more interactive and dynamic process.