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A Father’s Parental Story by: Haridharan Manoharan

Haridharan Manoharan – Recruitment Initiative – Specialist

This time around we hear from one of our Temenosian Dads, Haridharan Manoharan, Recruitment Initiative Specialist. Let’s read about how he was able to support his wife during his paternity leave.

I’m pretty excited to share my parental leave experience. My excitement is actually double because when we prayed for a pair of cute little feet, God had other plans for us on 02/02/22. Yes! We are blessed with twin boys!

I used to worry how I could support my wife during her hard times especially during the initial days of her motherhood.  Thankfully, I am a Temenosian and I stopped worrying so much because I was part of the Temenos family. I was provided with two calendar weeks of paternity leave, which meant a lot to my family and I.

I was able to witness the pain and struggle a mother undergoes after giving birth to a child. I was able to give my moral support to my wife during her hard times and help her recover faster. This experience convinced me strongly that every parent should get parental leave benefits.

The support provided by my colleagues during those two weeks made me feel the value of being on the best team. They shared all my work to ensure that I was tension free. My department head and Human Resource Business Partner encouraged and supported me to take time off and spend time with my kids.

“I feel every corporation should understand the importance of this period for every parent and promote parental leave. This will surely help every individual to have a better bonding experience with their family.”

Hari pictured above with his twin boys, Krishav and Keshav

Once again, I thank Temenos for providing parental leave, which has brought me many sweet memories to my life.

At Temenos we encourage our employees to take full advantage of our family friendly benefits and that includes our parental leave policy. We believe parents – moms and dads, shouldn’t miss one second of those tender moments with their newborns.

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Haridharan Manoharan – Recruitment Initiative - Specialist