Gearing Up for Malaysia Challenger Game

Levelling up by delivering a new vector of convenience and revolutionizing digital experience for the customers and underserved segments.

Keys to be Successful Digital Contenders in Malaysia

How can Malaysia challengers win the heart of customers and maintain business growth despite the fierce digital race?

Malaysia boasts a digitally savvy population, and despite high banking penetration of 85% currently, there is still room for significant growth, particularly in the area of underserved individuals and SMEs. More than 30% of consumers and businesses are willing to adopt digital banking!

While challengers in markets like the UK and Australia are raving about superior UX, the key to virtual banking is not only about differentiated UX. What makes challenger banks successful in Malaysia is whether or not it is delivering a new vector of convenience for the customer. Challenger banks need to shift the focus on the outcome and not the banking product. People don’t want a 5-year debt, they want a loan.

Are your customers waiting too long in branches, encountering poor digital experience, lacking of education for financial products, and products that are not tailored to their needs?

Fintech Explained – Why Digital Banks Matter in Malaysia

In an interview with Fintech News Malaysia, Jean Paul Meagui, President of International Sales, Member of the Executive Committee Temenos, shared insights on why digital banks matter in Malaysia. He was also joined by Suhaimi Ali, Director of Financial Development and Innovation at the central bank and other key C-levels from Axiata Digital, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, who are part of the pool of digital banking applicants in Malaysia.

Prepare You for the Digital Game

Fully Support Islamic Banking

Gain Customers Quickly with The Richest Front-to-Back Technology

Transform Underserved SME Banking Experience

Go-Live Faster

Cloud technology

Innovate in Minutes, Launch in Days with Temenos Cloud

Seize Open Banking & Ecosystem Opportunities

Won the Hearts of Over 60 of Our Challenger Banks Customers

WeLabBuilding Hong Kong’s First Multi-Cloud Challenger Bank
Temenos cloud-native technology empower WeLab to achieve elastic scalability and containerization. Now WeLab is active on AWS & Azure, a distributed multi-cloud infrastructure.

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How Can We Support?

Fully Support Islamic Banking

Temenos Islamic Banking is fully compliant to Shari’ah requirements, processes and accounting entries. It is parameter-driven, enabling banks to adapt it to their own specific compliance requirements.

Islamic banking solution covers all areas, from retail to SME, wealth management and inclusive banking with rich functionality across all verticals.

Gain Customers Quickly with The Richest Front-to-Back Technology

Need to acquire and onboard new customers quickly to stay competitive with a front-to-back focus, complete with high levels of AI-driven customer insight? We got you covered.

Through Temenos Infinity – our ground-breaking front of­fice product– and Temenos Transact – our next-generation core banking product – we support end-to-end digital renovations. Our solution deploys independently, which means that you will get the support throughout your digital journey however far you want to go.

Transform Underserved SME Banking Experience

Want to drive financial inclusion particularly to underserved segments includes retails, micro, small and medium enterprises? No problem.

Temenos sees an opportunity to fundamentally reimagine how to serve the SME sector, to implement an innovative digital-centric and data-driven service that can transform the experience of SME.

Go-Live Faster

It’s vital for challengers to establish a quick GTM strategy, to prioritize selecting proven packaged technologies that allow rapid time to market and build business momentum.

Challenger banks can go-live with Temenos as fast as in record time of 5 months, We can do even faster!

Our Build & Renovate implementation strategy dramatically reduces transformation time, cost and risk, supported by our Model Bank Framework and MVP (Minimal Viable Product)faster go-live.

Cloud technology

Innovate in Minutes, Launch in Days with Temenos Cloud

Need to establish an operational capacity quickly and cheaply so that you can start to service new customers instantaneously? We got this.

Temenos cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solutions allow you to elastically scale on-demand and grow business at super cost-efficient model.

Challenger banks can easily extend services into new segments with the winning combination of localized, rich banking functionality and advanced cloud technology.

Temenos are available across all major public clouds: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Huawei Cloud and Alibaba Cloud

Seize Open Banking & Ecosystem Opportunities

To ensure challenger banks are compliant and able to leverage the Open Banking trend, Temenos technology run natively on all major cloud platforms, exposes an extensive set of open APIs and allows easy integration to any third party systems.

We are with you.

What you can achieve with us


700+Clients on Temenos Cloud


60+ Challenger banks from the globe using Temenos solution


100+ Fintechs in our Marketplace


$2billion USD cumulative R&D investment 1990-2018

How to build the Next-Generation Digital Banking Architecture for Your Business

Core Agnostic

Temenos Infinity Retail is independent of the core banking system. The solution uses APIs to support multiple vendor cores, internally built systems, or Temenos Transact. Hosting can be based in the cloud or on-premise.

Scalable Cloud Native

The solution is highly scalable and is built using cloud-native and cloud-agnostic technology. This means that it can elastically scale up and down as required by the varying volumes of concurrent users while allowing for efficient and resilient operation.

Distribution Services

API-driven microservices in Temenos Infinity allows the separation of client phrasing application of back end systems, increasing agility and speeding time to market for apps built both by financial institutions themselves and by Temenos and its partners.

Front-end Object Services

Temenos Infinity supports rapid app building by delivering an extensive set of reusable front-end objects that can be used by financial institutions themselves and by Temenos or its partners to construct apps. Thanks to the layered architecture of Temenos Infinity, Digital Teams don’t need to worry about the entire application stack during app development enabling banks to construct new apps and implement changes at speed.

API Orchestration Layer

A central piece to your digital landscape, Temenos Infinity offers a powerful API orchestration platform that communicates your apps to all backend systems and the crucial Temenos Infinity services such as workflow, rules, events and decisioning, removing complexity and enabling reusability and easy management of your back-end services and APIs.

Event store

Make your banking apps fully reactive to changes that happened in the business by utilizing the event-driven architecture of Temenos Infinity. Every action by the user is logged as a change and any front-end service can subscribe to an individual stream of events that enables the apps to consume changes coming from your bank.

Our Winning Customers

Seychelles Credit Union – Success Story

Following an extensive intelligence gathering exercise, SCU selected Temenos Inclusive Banking Suite as its new core platform. The solution provides SCU with access to the Temenos Transact core banking solution in a configuration specifically designed for credit unions and microfinance institutions rather than large-scale commercial banks.

Barko Financial Services – Success Story

With Temenos Transact and Temenos Infinity, BFS expects to dramatically accelerate customer onboarding, cut loan application and origination times, speed time-to-market for new products and services, and reduce total cost of ownership.

More Insights

The Future of Challenger Banks

Challenger banks have been delivering innovation to the banking industry since digitization started to accelerate in recent years. Different approaches have emerged, some more successful than others, but a consensus has arisen that success is built on being digital-first and entirely focused on the needs of identified customer segments – with results being driven by speed and innovation. Join this session to learn what the future may hold for innovative banks in this exciting sector.

Open Banking: A shared opportunity

Open banking which is based on data sharing, is an unlikely short-lived trend and is gaining momentum in Asia Pacific. In this white paper, a joint venture by Microsoft, Linklaters and Accenture, explores the various drivers behind open banking in Asia Pacific, as well as the challenges financial institutions and regulators will have to address to ensure all participants can reap the benefits.

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