Jean-Paul Mergeai

Managing Director, Middle-East & Africa

Belgian, born in 1961

Mr. Jean-Paul Mergeai has been the Managing Director in charge of the Middle-East and Africa since 2014.

Mr. Mergeai graduated from the University of Liège magna cum laude with a master's degree in Linguistics and Information Technology in 1984. He started his career as an academic focusing his research on machine translation and artificial intelligence as applied to natural languages.

Mr. Mergeai moved to the financial industry where he joined Reuters in Luxembourg in 1989. He has over 28 years' of experience in implementing, designing, supporting or selling IT solutions for banks and financial institutions.

Mr. Mergeai joined Odyssey Financial Technologies in 2007 to manage the firm's global accounts program. He later moved to New York to manage Odyssey's North American operations.

After Temenos' acquisition of Odyssey in 2010, Mr. Mergeai managed Temenos' Private Wealth global operations and led North American sales operations until the end of 2013.