Colin Jarrett

Global Head of Development

British, born in 1969

Dr. Colin Jarrett has been the Global Head of Development at Temenos since 2016. He is responsible for quality as well as timely and efficient development of our products.

Dr. Jarrett joined Temenos in 2016 from Accenture where he was a Managing Director. He has spent 20 years working in large scale technology delivery projects across the financial services industry with Accenture and has extensive experience of global delivery. Dr. Jarrett spent 5 years working in India building the Financial Services Delivery Excellence practice and 5 years in the Philippines leading the Banking and Payments Technology Delivery group.

Dr Jarrett holds a Ph.D. from Cambridge University where he studied Condensed Matter Physics and was elected as a bye-fellow of Magdalene College. He is also a named inventor holding patents both with Accenture and Philips.