Success Stories


Creates a Mobile-Optimized Customer Experience

Sydney, Australia

Westpac General Insurance has been operating for 20 years and specializes in Home and Contents, Consumer Credit, Travel and Business Insurance. With over 1 million policies in force representing approximately $400 million in premiums Westpac provides customers with a promise that if the unthinkable happens, they’ll be there to help.

Need to Scale Manual Claim Processing Fast Enough in Times of Catastrophe

Westpac General Insurance offers a range of products including Home and Contents (or Property & Casualty) Insurance. Westpac’s focus on customer experience meant that the preferred mechanism for lodging a claim was by phone as this allowed the Westpac claims team to provide personal service and understanding in a time of great stress to the customer.

However, during Australia’s Catastrophe Season (November to April) when natural disasters, such as Cyclone Yasi in 2011, often occur, the volume of claims spikes and it is impossible for Westpac Insurance to effectively scale the manual processing of claims by phone – meaning they couldn’t satisfactorily service customers in their time of need. And the alternative option of completing a paper claim form was not the level of customer experience Westpac wanted to offer as an alternative.

Deploying transactions and updates in hours or days

This annual Catastrophe Season event coupled with the growing desire for customers to have the convenience to use PC or mobile devices to interact with their insurer led Westpac to investigate options for online claiming. Westpac wanted to offer customers the choice to claim through their preferred channel, anywhere – anytime.

Mobile-Optimized Customer Experience

After a storm, flood, or fire, people are often displaced from their homes –to evacuation centers and sometimes knowing they will never be able to return to their home. Now, with the convenience of online claiming delivered by Temenos Infinity, Westpac’s customers only need a smartphone, tablet, or access to a PC to lodge their claim at their convenience. Westpac Insurance now offers a mobile, user-friendly experience to their customers whether they are on their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone usingTemenos’ Omnichannel Responsive Designed smartforms. Customers can lodge their claim when they want, how they want, from wherever they are. Data is validated by Temenos’ automatic error-checking and alerting, ensuring customers complete the claim right the first time. This accurate data combined with the ability to use the smartphone or tablet camera to take photographs helps accelerate claim processing which is a positive for the customer and Westpac

Fast-and-Agile-to-Maintain Multi-Channel Transactions

While the immediate concern for Westpac was the General Insurance claim – the Westpac Group (one of the 20 largest financial institutions globally) saw the value of a multi-channel digital transaction capability. But to be effective, control of the digital transactions (creation, publishing, management, and updates) needed to be in the hands of business people, not the already over-worked IT group.

Westpac Insurance utilizes Temenos’ authoring tool “Composer” to deploy transactions and updates in hours or days. The “Composer” enables business users to build high-quality multi-channel digital transactions rapidly with no coding experience. Temenos’ robust, scalable enterprise solution ensures that any bursts of activity on the claims application or other seasonal form submissions are taken in stride with Temenos Infinity.