Success Stories


Grows Fast with Temenos Digital Customer Onboarding

London, United Kingdom

Ebury had a great year. The UK-based fintech company offers a unique combination of lending, currency and payment solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, through an online platform. In fiscal 2016, it increased its customer base by 50% and its lending volume by 2.5x year over year. A key to Ebury success is the outstanding customer experience and ease of customer acquisition that fuels their growth. To drive their all digital account opening, Ebury depended on Temenos Infinity during the rapid growth of 2016.

Using Temenos Infinity, Ebury came to market with a new digital account opening system for mobile and desktop customers in 2 months. Since Ebury uses Salesforce for account management, a key component of the Temenos solution was the ability to push new customer information directly into Salesforce, while allowing the Ebury sales team to track the status of new customer acquisitions in progress.

Temenos Solution

Ebury is growing fast and needed a digital account opening solution that scaled to the subtle differences across the multiple countries and currencies where it conducts business. This included the ability to translate the client-facing onboarding forms, as well as adapt them for local jurisdictions and compliance requirements. The fintech firm had already established Salesforce as its system of record for tracking prospects, closing business and communicating with customers. Ebury needed a way to extend their internal Salesforce process to a frictionless, mobile friendly, customer facing experience. Using Temenos Infinity platform, Ebury built a highly-tailored onboarding process in just a few weeks.

The Temenos solution included, mobile, tablet, and desktop access, using its “Design Once, Use Anywhere” design tool, prebuilt integration to Salesforce through the Salesforce AppExchange. It also allowed to Save and Resume of partially completed applications, allowing customers to begin their application and complete later on a different device. Tracking of partial applications in Salesforce was also available, allowing the Ebury sales team to identify prospects with partial applications and reach out to provide assistance, pushing of pre-filled applications using customer data already in Salesforce, out to prospective customers. It also included adaptive account opening form, responding to the different needs of individual and corporate customers, multiple business partners and, residency of enrolling customers.

User Experience & Time to Market

With Temenos Infinity, Ebury found a solution that fits perfectly with its agile, digital and mobile friendly way of conducting business. The first priority was delivering an outstanding and memorable user experience for prospects and servicing customers. Temenos’s design experience with hundreds of financial institutions worldwide helped create the frictionless account opening. Just as important was moving quickly to capture the market opportunity. Using a pre-built platform, with Salesforce integration packaged, was a big advantage. This already met the strict security and compliance requirements for cloud hosted, customer facing financial applications, so Ebury had the ability to launch in a fraction of the time of building from scratch. After the onboarding solution was launched to market, Ebury maintained the flexibility to create new forms and edit existing ones in a very agile way. This enables them to promptly adapt to customer requirements and regulatory changes.

Salesforce AppExchange

As a certified member of the Salesforce AppExchange, Temenos has delivered a pre-built connection from Temenos Infinity to Salesforce. Temenos is unique in delivering a customer facing forms solution, ready for online and mobile, that ties directly into existing Salesforce processes already in use by sales reps, onboarding specialists, and customer service staff.

Salesforce World Tour London 2016

At the Salesforce World Tour event in May 2016, Ebury CTO, Dr. Toby Young, presented his keys to success with Salesforce and the AppExchange solutions. He presented three partners critical to his success, including Temenos Infinity as the choice for frictionless account opening, onboarding and customer service forms.

“Superior customer experience is key for Ebury,” says Dr. Toby Young, CTO, Ebury, who is using Temenos Infinity and Salesforce to deploy customer account opening for international companies requiring tailored currency services or business funding.

“Giving our Salesforce-based sales and operations teams complete visibility of the transactions executed through the Infinity system, within the context of an individual customer, is part of being able to delight our customers.”

Dr. Toby Young, CTO