Customer vs. Fraudster, Know the Difference

Identity fraud has become a liability for financial institutions across the globe. Developing reliable methods to instantly know which devices and people you can trust can make a vast improvement to your bottom line and give your customers’ journey a frictionless experience.

In this webinar, Adam Miller, Director of CX Design Practice at Temenos, and Brooke Snelling, Senior Product Marketing Manager at iovation, discuss the current landscape in identity fraud and the impact businesses have seen by implementing device intelligence.

Tune in to learn:
• Current trends in identity fraud
• How fraudsters have become even more savvy
• Methods to mitigate fraud, minimize friction, and comply with regulations
• How to improve your bottom line through device intelligence
• The benefits of device reputation to enhance fraud behavior mapping

Adam Miller Portrait Image

Adam Miller, Director – CX Design Practice, Temenos

Adam Miller is the Director of CX Design Practice for Temenos. The Temenos CX Design Practice helps clients acquire new customers through great digital experience design. Prior to joining the team, Adam developed human-centered design programs at Oracle and Citrix, and always advocates for placing your customer at the center of all your digital transformation efforts.

Brooke Snelling Portrait Image

Brooke Snelling, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Brooke Snelling is a Senior Manager of Product Marketing at iovation, a TransUnion Company. With over 10 years of experience in strategic marketing, Brooke is passionate about understanding her customers and making sure they have access to the best tools to solve their unique fraud challenges. She has launched new products, driven product strategy, researched new markets, and done everything possible to align all development efforts with the needs of customers.