Temenos SCALE Online – Developer Conference

Temenos SCALE

Analytics & AI

Overview on Temenos Explainable AI

A general introduction to the Temenos Explainable AI (XAI). Discover all the types of AI models offered by Temenos’ AI Platform, the fundamentals of Temenos XAI and how it introduces linguistic explainability into the world of machine learning. We will explore the value brought by XAI in the context of the banking industry.

Overview of Temenos Data Lake

Learn about the underlying modules of the Temenos Data Lake, including Data Event Streaming, Data Engineering and Operational Data Store.

User Experience

What's New in the Quantum Platform for Infinity Solutions

The Temenos Quantum Platform provides the foundation for the Infinity Experience APIs and Digital Experiences. See what’s new with the Quantum Platform and what’s coming that will further enhance the Infinity Solutions.

Update on the Commercial Lending Solution and Vision

An overview of the Temenos Infinity origination platform, with a deeper dive into onboarding journeys, exploring more complex end to end origination lifecycles across both retail and corporate banking.

Update on the Due Diligence Vision

Overview of the progress for the management of due diligence processes and how the components of Infinity are utilized to meet this complex use case.


Using Temenos Workbench to Customize Transact, Package Your Changes and Enable DevOps

Discover Temenos Workbench which is used to configure Temenos products and learn about the productivity and collaboration capabilities which it brings. We will demonstrate the ease with which Transact can be customised and advanced packaging of Transact customizations to enable best in class DevOps practices.

Extending Transact with Java

Overview of the Java Extensibility framework which enables the features of Temenos Transact to be extended using Java. Learn how to use the features of the framework through a typical use case demonstrating the ease with which Transact can be customised.

Open Banking Is Not About the API: The Seven Different Interfaces in the Open Enterprise

Everyone talks about APIs but in an open banking world the interface between distributors and manufacturers is not an API. This presentation explains what interfaces there are in the enterprise and how each one is implemented.

Temenos Training and Certification made easy with Learning Pathways

Temenos Learning Community (TLC) is the go-to place for training and certification for clients, partners, and Temenosians alike. With TLC Online, you have access to unlimited, 24×7 access to our global community of experts, as well as online courses, training environments and official certification programs. During this session, you will discover how to find your relevant learning pathway and identify the right courses needed to achieve your specific training objectives.


With Choice Comes Complexity – The Evolution of Temenos from Core Banking to Value Chain Banking

The first Temenos product was Electronic Banking System and it offered no platform choice. As the product evolved to become Globus, then T24 and now Infinity and Transact it has offered increasing platform choice. But with the choice comes apparent complexity. This presentation shows the evolution and the new choice offered by Temenos.

Multi Cloud / Active Active

Understand how Temenos software works across multi cloud / active active and how your organisation can benefit.

DevOps and Temenos Continuous Deployment

Temenos Customization and CI/CD self-service platform is designed to accelerate software implementation. Learn more about how this works and how your organisation can benefit.

Integration Patterns for a Scalable System

In this session we will walk through a number of real life examples demonstrating patterns for scalable 3rd party solution integrations to the Temenos microservice ecosystem.

Temenos Microservices: Built to Scale!

Temenos Microservices are built on a homegrown framework which fully abstracts development from deployments and runtime. This simplifies and standardises the end-to-end journey from application development to deployment and runtime to the target platform, thus allowing it to scale.

Fund Administration – Leveraging Temenos Technologies to Scale

Learn about the internal workings of how the Oracle thick client has been transitioned to a responsive and light weighted UI using the current UI technologies and API frameworks.

Infinity Solution Overview

Temenos Infinity is a very broad and powerful digital experience solution, covering banking apps, onboarding and customer retention solutions. This session will introduce the whole solution, all the modules and tools available and how you go about configuring and tailoring the solution for unique banking needs.

Chaos Engineering

How Temenos uses Chaos Engineering to improve reliability.

Navigating the Temenos Security Framework

Temenos Security Framework is a set of common features/system used within all the product ranges. The TSF comprises Message Integrity, Traceability, Authorisation, Tamper Evident Database and more. See how this works through a demonstration of a practical implementation.