Temenos SCALE Online – Developer Conference

Temenos SCALE Online
Developer Conference 2020
Hands-On Labs

18-19 November, 2020

Temenos SCALE Online- Hands-On Labs

Experience our online labs, working through use cases to explore the capabilities of Temenos software and technology through industry-related use cases.

Overview of the Java Extensibility framework which enables the features of Temenos Transact to be extended using Java. Learn how to use the features of the framework through a typical use case demonstrating the ease with which Transact can be customized.

The Quantum Platform is a Multiexperience Development Platform (MXDP) that powers the Infinity Solutions. Visualizer is the developer tool that provides a low-code visual design approach to app development for native apps, responsive web, wearables, chatbots and conversational apps with a focus on delivering rich user experiences. This workshop provides an overview of Visualizer and demonstrates how to use it to build native and web applications.

Introduction to the Temenos Data Lake and Data Engineering. Learn how Temenos Data Engineering and Data Lake are used to prepare data sets near real time and batch for building Explainable AI Models.

Experience how Temenos Workbench cloud tooling significantly improves productivity through the ability to easily customise/extend Transact and APIs, including packaging and promoting these changes, without the need for technical skills!

Explore the Infinity stack by using the latest tooling and the full Infinity architecture for apps, APIs, and distribution services to unpack and reconstruct parts of a model onboarding and origination journey. Learn how to use Visualizer, Journey Manager, Fabric, Experience APIs, and Microservices during this hands-on workshop.

Introduction to the Temenos AI Platform. Learn typical data science workflows to move from curated and preprocessed data to deployed predictive models in the cloud, available to receive API calls and respond in real time, therefore ready to be used in a business production environment.

Integration through event streaming enables highly scalable Microservices. Get under the hood of Data Event Streaming (DES) solutions to consume events into a Temenos Microservice.

The Quantum Platform includes Visualizer for front-end app development and Fabric for backend services and integration. This workshop provides an overview of backend Fabric capabilities and the Infinity Microservice architecture. You will learn how to connect to external identity management, integrate to backend microservices, use virtual app object models and map them to backend data, configure orchestration & automated workflows to power your digitial experiences.

A Multiexperience approach to a user’s digital interaction with a bank expands beyond traditional native and web apps to include additional modern channels of interactions. Learn how to utilize the Quantum platform to extend a solution to build support for conversational, AI powered Chatbots that can assist users, and voice based personal assistants on platforms like Amazon Alexa, and other interactive touchpoints including wearables.

Overview of the various API based integration methods enabling seamless connection of banking channels to T24 Transact for payment initiations. Learn the capabilities of the Temenos API platform, onboarding tools and deployment and integration techniques for a variety of banking channels such as mobile, internet channels, third party gateways and inhouse bank host systems, through integrating payment initiation channels to Temenos Payments, initiating payments requests, and tracking end to end payment processing.

Learn how to use PSD2 Open Banking APIs and Open Banking flows to make payments following PSD2 regulations.

With Quantum Visualizer, we will learn how to create engaging user experiences for both native applications as well as next generation responsive web. Visualizer has unique, rich capabilities to build native interactions and animations that build upon the underlying feature sets of the iOS and Android UI systems. We will also learn how to quickly build and test user experiences for responsive web with the Visualizer canvas.