Temenos SCALE 2021

Temenos SCALE is the largest developer conference in fintech. For 2021 we are bringing together industry leading voices and experts both from within and outside the fintech ecosystem to share insights for developers to build the future, now.

16-17 November 2021

What is Temenos SCALE?

SCALE is the Fintech and Banking industry’s largest developer conference, bringing together industry leading voices and experts both from within and outside Temenos and the fintech ecosystem to share insights, best practices and the latest in technology.

Live Keynotes

Hear from Temenos leaders, technology leading companies, and developer luminaries in our live-stream keynotes.


Access the on-demand session library in our 7 topic tracks at any time during the two-day event.


Watch and learn at your pace, direct to your screen from the comfort of your desk.


Don’t just watch, get answers! Join the conversation with our subject matter experts and presenters in our Q&A sessions throughout the event.

Temenos SCALE Agenda

The SCALE Keynotes will be broadcast live on the first day of the event, and available on-demand once the re-broadcast has happened on the second day:

  • Tuesday, 16th November
  • Wednesday, 17th November

Watch all of the SCALE sessions on-demand at any point during the two-day event. There are 7 tracks of curated content for you to choose from, or mix-and-match to build your own unique playlist:

  • The Learning Revolution – AI and Automation, building and training AI, integrating AI into the process
  • Sustainable and Ethical – Green Finance, ethical investing, inclusivity and inclusion in the financial ecosystem
  • Cashless Culture !$ – digital currencies, all-digital payments, the future of money itself
  • Threat Environment – security, attack and defend, the evolving threats
  • Regulation and Recovery – rebuilding from COVID, Open Banking, the regulatory requirements for digital
  • Bank == Ecosystem – integrations, ecosystems of partners, building services into financials, interacting with customers through services
  • Building Bigger, Now – advancements in cloud and SaaS platforms, increasing scalability, microservices, advanced operations

The Future is Now

Today, right now, fintech has an unmissable opportunity. The pandemic has increased the demand for agility and speed in delivering digital-first/digital-only experiences, and only further accelerated the urgency for our sector to evolve. The time to prepare for change is over, and the future that has been coming for a fintech revolution is here, now.

Speed of innovation, hyper-agility, scalability – these were buzzwords that have now become reality for so many of us in the financial technology ecosystem. At the core of this amazing evolution are the developers of the larger Temenos community of banks, fintechs, and the entire financial services industry. There is an imperative for institutions of all sizes, in every corner of fintech, to embrace the change that is happening at this moment, right now.

Temenos’ SCALE 2021 is going beyond the realm of the possible and seeking to help our developers build for today. You’ll hear industry Changemakers share best practices from their own technology journeys, and you will share in their knowledge for making those changes in your own organizations, now.

Every day, all over the world, developers build solutions with Temenos that make a difference in the lives of 1.2 billion people. This impact is not the future; it is not some far off place we are going to get to eventually. This is the reality of our ecosystem, and it is where our developers are. Now.

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