Cancelled: TCF 2020, 20-22 October, Dublin 



Important notice: All Registered TCF 2020 Madrid Delegates will be automatically transferred for TCF 2020 in Dublin, October 20–22, 2020. If you are not able to attend TCF 2020 in Dublin please cancel your registration on the TCF 2020 registration site by Friday 3 April 2020 and you will get a full refund of your TCF 2020 Madrid Registration Fees (if you have already paid such by the date of your cancellation).

Registration for and participation at Temenos TCF 2020 are subject to the below terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”). By completing and submitting your registration for TCF 2020, through this Event Registration Site and checking “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions”, You agree to accept and abide by these Terms and Conditions and all amendments thereto and decisions of Temenos.
The Registration form becomes a binding agreement between Temenos and Registrant once the Registrant submits the Registration. No reservations, modifications or cancellations are binding on Temenos unless expressly accepted by Temenos. No modifications to these Terms and Conditions are binding on Temenos unless expressly accepted in writing by Temenos.

Please note that admittance to the Event/s will not be allowed without payment or proof of payment being received in advance of Friday 02 October 2020.

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Cvent means supplier platform used by Temenos for managing Registrations.

Delegate or You or Your means each Registrant who becomes a Delegate once the Registration has been confirmed by Temenos. 

Event Registration Site means the official Event/s website page which includes the official registration application at the Event/s.

Hotel means any Event/s preferred Hotel if available on the Event Registration Site and which may be subject to limited capacity.

Hotel Fees means the fees payable for Hotel Registration.

Hotel Registration means a Delegate registering for hotel accommodation through the Event/s Registration Site if such option is made available to the Delegate on the Event Registration Site.

Networking Services means a service made available for sharing contact details and networking via the Event/s Registration Site.

Registrant means any person registering online to the Event/s through the Event/s Registration Site.

Registration means registration by a Registrant to the Event/s through the Event/s Registration Site.

Registration Fees means the fees per person applicable for attending the Event/s. The Registration Fees are indicated for each delegate type on the Event/s Registration Site. The Registration Fees do not include traveling and accommodation costs.

TCF Location: means The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) Dublin, Ireland.

TCF 2020 means the Temenos Community Forum 2020 event organized by or for Temenos from 20 – 22 October 2020 (inclusive) at the TCF Location. 

TCF 2020 Dates: from 20 –22 October 2020 (inclusive).

TCF Conference Registration Team means Conference Contacts Ltd, the assigned company responsible for management of Registrations for TCF 2020 and related accommodation, if applicable.

TCF Event Tools refers to all the materials produced for TCF 2020, including invitations, Event  Registration Site, networking service information, TCF 2020 App etc.

Temenos means Temenos Headquarters SA and its affiliates.

Venue  means  the  Temenos TCF Location   and  any  other  venue  where  Event activities  or  Event  related  activities  are  held  and  each  venue’s  officers,  directors,  shareholders, employees, agents, contractors, representatives and/or invitees, as applicable.

Global Head of Events, Temenos UK Limited, 5th Floor, 71 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4TD, UK. TCF Email: [email protected]

The Registration for TCF 2020 is exclusively open to representatives from Temenos customers, business partners, representatives from exhibiting companies and other persons invited or approved by Temenos.

Registrations are subject to sanction checks. Any organisation or individual that does not meet the criteria/terms of the sanction check will not be granted access to attend the Event and their Registration will be immediately terminated and any Registration Fee that has been paid will be refunded.

If a visa is required to enter TCF Location, it is the sole responsibility of the Delegate to take care of his/her visa requirements. Temenos will not be held responsible or liable for refund of any fees if visas are not obtained by Delegates in time for travel.

All Registrations must be made in advance by Tuesday 8 September 2020 online via the official TCF 2020 Event Registration Site only.

Temenos acknowledges receipt of Registrations. As a principle, Registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis. Once capacity is reached, any further Registrations are put on a waiting list.

Temenos reviews Registrations to ensure appropriate representation from the targeted audience. Temenos will promptly notify the persons whose Registrations could not be accepted.

Submission of a Registration shall not be deemed as automatic registration and a Registration must be confirmed by Temenos.

Confirmation of Registration by Temenos is conditional upon receipt of the Registration Fees.

Registration Fees are detailed for each delegate type on the Event Registration Site as part of the Event Registration process.

Registration Fees includes all Event conference sessions, transportation as per the Event schedule, welcome reception, meals, coffee breaks, access to the exhibition, conference dinner as per the official Event agenda on the Event Registration Site.

The Registration Fees do not include Hotel Fees, travel or other related expenses. Delegate Registration Fees are net of any taxes, such as, but not limited to, VAT (when applicable).

The Delegate shall be responsible for paying for their own costs and expenses for attending the Event, including meals, travel and hotel accommodation. Temenos will not accept any invoices or charges for any costs and expenses incurred by the Registrant or Delegate.

Registration Fees are non-refundable except as otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions.

If Hotel Registration is made available by Temenos on the Event Registration Site:

Temenos has negotiated preferential rates at selected Hotel for the duration of the Event.

Hotel Fees and Hotel Registration are subject to terms and conditions, including cancellations fees. Please refer to the Hotel Accommodations Terms and Conditions section of the Event Registration Site for more details (if made available on the Event Registration Site).

The Delegate may secure Hotel accommodation for the Event through the Event Registration Site at the selected Hotel. These preferential rates only apply to fully registered Delegates of the Event.

Should the Delegate require arrival and/or departure outside these dates, the Hotel may apply their standard rates. All Hotels rates published are subject to applicable local taxes.

Hotel Fees and any other related costs are not included in the Registration Fees.

The Delegates understand that hotel preliminary confirmations will only be issued upon receipt of complete payment of Registration Fees.

All Delegates will be required to pay for their stay, extra meals, any extras and incidentals, directly to the Hotel upon check-out. The Hotel will ask for the credit card of the Delegate at the time of check-in.

All Delegates will also be liable for fees for any no-shows or cancellations related to their Hotel accommodation booking.

The Delegate guarantees payment of the Hotel Fees. Should the Delegate fail to make payment of the Hotel Fees to the Hotel, Temenos reserves the right to charge the Delegate the Hotel Fees, including any applicable no-shows, cancellations or incidentals related to Hotel Registration and the Delegate shall immediately pay such Hotel Fees to Temenos.

Registration Fees and Hotel Fees are net of any taxes, such as, but not limited to, VAT (when applicable).

All Registration Fees and Hotel Fees are subject to applicable VAT charged at the prevailing rate at time of the Event. All present and future local taxes, as well as fines and/or penalties and/or interest assessed directly or indirectly on such amounts (if any) which may apply to fees or charges due for or in connection with the Event, will always (even retroactively) be borne by the delegate. Temenos is not responsible for seeking any refund of such local taxes, and will not initiate any procedure to that effect.

For the correct application of the VAT rules, the Delegate is deemed to be located at the place of the ‘Company details’ as reported on the Event registration form. Upon specific request from the Delegate, the invoices can be sent to the place indicated under ‘Invoice details’. The billed entity remains however the ‘Company details’ entity.

Registration for TCF 2020 is subject to the following payment conditions:

All fees are payable in Euros.

The TCF Conference Registration Team must receive payment before they can confirm Your Registration (or your Hotel Registration, where applicable). Admittance to the TCF 2020 will not be allowed without payment or proof of payment being received in advance by TCF Conference Registration Team. Proof of payment includes a written confirmation from the payee’s bank, a remittance advice or credit card guarantee. If payment has not been received in advance of the start of the TCF 2020 event (Friday 2 October 2020 payment due date) the Delegate will have to send copy of proof of payment via e-mail to TCF Conference Registration Team at [email protected]

Once your Registration has been processed, an invoice/receipt will be sent to You via email automatically from the Event Registration Site.

Credit card payments will be processed by Cvent on behalf of Temenos.

All credit card fee payments are charged in Euros (€).

You may cancel your Registration through the Event Registration Site online or/ by email at [email protected] on or before Tuesday 15 September 2020 and receive a refund subject to any applicable hotel cancellation charges.

If you have registered for TCF 2020 Madrid on or before 10 March 2020 and you are not able to attend TCF 2020 in Dublin you may cancel until 03 April 2020 for a full refund for your paid TCF 2020 Madrid Registration Fees.

The cancellation of a Registration will automatically cancel any Hotel Registration associated with that Registration. Hotel cancellation charges will be charged to You as applicable.

Upon approval of Your cancellation, You may receive a refund of the Registration Fees subject to any applicable hotel cancellation charges.

We regret that no refunds can be made for cancellations made after Tuesday 15 September 2020. Delegate agrees that this is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss and damage incurred by Temenos with regards the Registration Fees. Hotel cancellation charges (as applicable)

If, for any reason whatsoever (including a Force Majeure Event), Temenos is forced to cancel the Event/s, it will use all reasonable efforts to notify all Registered Delegates in advance thereof, and a full refund of the Registration Fee paid to Temenos will be made to each Registered Delegate. The Delegate hereby expressly waives any incurred expenses or compensation for any possible damage or suffering as a result of a Temenos cancellation.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms and Conditions, You acknowledge and accept Temenos’ right to cancel the Event/s at any time if Temenos determines in its sole and absolute discretion that participation from Delegates warrant such action. You acknowledge and accept Temenos’ right to change the Event/s to alternative dates or at a different location or facility as Temenos determines in its sole and absolute discretion. If the Event/s is moved to be held on alternative dates and/or at the same or a different location, You agree that these Terms and Conditions shall remain binding upon You.

You may transfer Your Registration and Your Hotel Registration (if applicable) to another person within the same organisation until Tuesday 1 September 2020 upon written confirmation received from the TCF Conference Registration Team. The person to whom a transfer of Your Registration and Your Hotel Registration (if applicable) has been approved by Temenos must follow the Registration process described herein and agree to these Terms and Conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, the transfer of Hotel Registrations is subject to any Hotel cancellation fees which shall be charged to You directly by Temenos upon substitution of a Registration.

Temenos strives to provide a safe, enjoyable and rewarding Event and expect all Delegates, to be considerate to each other. It is therefore a condition of attendance that You agree that:

You will behave responsibly throughout Your attendance at the Event, paying due regard to the safety and well-being of other Delegates, Temenos staff, Temenos suppliers or Venue personnel or; and

You will behave at all times in a way that does not adversely affect Temenos, the management and the general character of the Event, or act in a way that could adversely affect Temenos’ or Venue’s name, interests, business or high reputation. You shall indemnify Temenos and/or any applicable Event supplier (including Venue) for any such claims related thereto.

Temenos reserves the right to exclude from attendance or remove the Delegate from the whole or any part of the Event, without any liability, where their presence, behavior conduct or action, is perceived by Temenos or any person acting with the authority of Temenos, in its absolute discretion:

to be prejudicial to the safety or wellbeing of others or the proper and enjoyable running of the Event;

or is or is likely to be undesirable or inappropriate; or

involves a contravention of these Terms and Conditions.

Neither Temenos, nor any other person, has any obligation to exclude or remove any person.  In the unlikely event of such an exclusion or removal, no fees or other expenses will be reimbursed or refunded to You and any unpaid fees will remain due and payable to Temenos. 

You agree that:

You will fully comply with all rules, regulations and laws applicable to the Event;

You will act in good faith and fully co-operate with any instructions, direction, rights or obligation arising from the Event given by Temenos and/or by Temenos Event suppliers;

You will comply in all respects with any instructions, guidance, rules, regulations, policies or directions (such as but not limited to security, health, and safety regulations) (“Requirements”) in force at any Event venue at the time of the Event, given by or for Temenos or any other relevant third party, including the person responsible for the premises where the Event take place, including Venue or otherwise any competent authority; and

Temenos reserves the right to take immediate action against any Delegate that is not complying with this provision including but not limited to the termination/cancellation of Registration (without any refunds or liability).

The applicable local laws and customs where the Event is held may vary to those in other countries/regions. You are therefore strongly advised to familiarise yourself with, and respect local laws and customs where the Event is held.

You must abide in full with the Requirements.

You must not damage or deface the Venues facilities, equipment and/or other materials related to the Event or otherwise of any third party. When such damage occurs, You are solely responsible and liable to the owner of the property so damaged. You will inform Temenos of any material and apparent loss or damage to any such property which arise out of or in connection with or are consequent upon by Your use and You agree that You will be liable and promptly pay any reasonable charges for remedying any loss or damage arising of such (but excluding any fair wear and tear).

You will abide at all times with any instructions issued by Temenos or by the Venue to i) amend (the programme for) the Event, ii) interrupt (the programme for) the Event or iii) end the Event and to remove or make arrangements for the removal of all persons and/or property from the Venue or to admit or make arrangements for the admission of persons and/or property to the Venue. Temenos and/or Venue is not liable for any costs and loss, where relevant, that You incur as a result of the above.

Temenos and/ or the Venue is at all times entitled to issue You instructions on safety measures that are to be implemented by You as required.

You will not act or allow anything to be done inside, outside or in the vicinity of any Venue which may, in Temenos reasonable opinion, be or become a nuisance to Temenos or otherwise the Event, Venue or any premises or buildings in their vicinity.

You agree that Temenos may do (or require you to do) any acts, matters or things in respect of the Event (including, without limitation, suspending, closing down or controlling any Venue) which Temenos reasonably considers necessary:

to prevent, control or remedy a material breach of these Terms and Conditions or any agreement related to the Event entered by Temenos; and

to prevent or control an actual or potential danger, hazard or risk to public safety or to urgently protect or maintain the fabric or structure of any Venue or other matters related to the Event.

You agree that Temenos may (or require you to do):

remove from a Venue any of Your equipment, property, advertising, stand, exhibit, advertisement, hoarding, structure or other matter whatever;

procure the cessation of any of Your activity which is contrary to the Event; and/or

confiscate any of Your unauthorised food and/or beverages.

You will not bring or allow to be brought inside, outside or in the vicinity of any Venue:

any animals (except dogs for the disabled);

no substance or article which is, in Temenos reasonable opinion, of a dangerous, explosive, hazardous or objectionable nature; and/or

no naked flame.

You will not :

make any modification to the Venue and its fittings, or to make any additions; remove or cover any communications from the partners of Venue inside and outside the Venue.

place objects, offer merchandise (such as beverages, food, T-shirts, posters and similar) for sale, and/or to distribute or have them distributed in some other manner, or distribute folders, flyers and other advertising communications in the Venue and/or immediate vicinity of the Venue.

use the Venue in a manner that causes hindrance to the users of spaces and auditoriums adjacent to the Venue or to their surroundings;

act contrary to the (fire) safety regulations applicable to Venue in and in the vicinity of the Venue (as assessed exclusively by Venue and the competent authorities).

You are under the obligation to comply promptly with all reasonable instructions relating to your use of the Venue issued to You by Temenos and/or the Venue.

You are also under the obligation to use the Venue in a manner that does not contravene any law, bye-law, permit or any other applicable written instructions issued by the authorities and does result in or create the risk of the withdrawal of any permit issued by the authorities, as assessed exclusively by the Venue.

Security: For security purposes, Temenos will supply name badges. You must wear Your badge at all times. Your badge is strictly personal and may not be transferred to another person nor may it be modified.

Internet: You agree that You are responsible for Your access to, and usage of, the Internet or otherwise and IT systems related to the Event and shall comply with Temenos or its Event suppliers acceptable usage policy where You access such through any account or connection allocated to You.

Food and Beverage: You will not bring or allow to be brought into any Venue (including TCF Location) any food and/or beverages which have not been authorised by Temenos in writing.

Audio Visual Equipment (including without limitation CD players, microphones, video/sound recorders and radios) or other sound devices operated in a manner objectionable to Temenos shall be prohibited, and the Delegate shall immediately cease using such equipment if so requested by Temenos.

Your Belongings: You agree that Temenos does not supply any security services related to the Event and Delegates assume full responsibility and risk for any belongings (including any property, equipment and/or goods) brought into any Venue or otherwise at the Event/s. Temenos and its Event suppliers, including Venues cannot accept any responsibility or liability for loss, damage or injury sustained or occasioned from any cause whatsoever.

No illegal or immoral purpose. You shall not use for any illegal or immoral purpose, for betting, gaming or lotteries or in any way which might diminish the goodwill, standing or reputation of Temenos and any its suppliers and/or subcontractors in relation to the Event/s, Venue or otherwise related to the Event.

Registration Fees or Hotel Fees do not include insurance of any kind.

You agree that it is Your sole responsibility to arrange Your own adequate insurance cover in connection with Your attendance at the Event including but not limited to accommodation, cancellation and personal effects, or travel/medical insurance etc. None of Temenos nor Venue can take any responsibility for any Delegate failing to arrange its own adequate insurance.

You acknowledge and agree that You will indemnify Temenos against any damages incurred by Temenos as a result of a third party claim arising from Your Event Registration or otherwise participation to the Event, except to the extent such damages were caused directly and solely by Temenos.

You will despite any other term of these Terms and Conditions, fully and effectively indemnify, hold harmless and keep so indemnified Temenos and any its suppliers and/or subcontractors from and against any losses whatever suffered and/or incurred by Temenos and any its suppliers and/or subcontractors arising out of or in connection with any injury to, illness of or death of any person caused or contributed to by You or arising out of matters for which you are responsible.

You acknowledge and agree that you are liable to Temenos and any its suppliers and/or subcontractors, despite any other term of these, as a debt for all losses whatever suffered and/or incurred by Temenos and any its suppliers and/or subcontractors arising out of or in connection with any breach of these Terms and Conditions, and/or non-compliance by You of any laws whatever related to the Event.

Temenos’ liability, if any, in connection with the Event (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) is limited to the total amount of Your paid Registration Fee, excluding any Hotel Fee. Furthermore, any claim for indirect, special or consequential loss or damage of any kind or for any loss of business or profit, revenue, anticipated savings, contracts, loss of or corruption to data, loss of use, loss of goodwill, interruption of business or claims of other parties or other similar pecuniary loss howsoever arising, even if Temenos has been advised of their possibility, is expressly excluded to the full extent of applicable law.

Any claims must be brought within one year of the claim arising.

Temenos will take no responsibility for any inappropriate behaviour or offenses committed by You whilst in country where the Event is held.

Temenos shall not be liable for any default or delay in the performance of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions if and to the extent such default or delay is caused, directly or indirectly, by: elements of nature or acts of God, war, riots, civil disorders, civil commotion, rebellions or revolutions, national or court or religious mourning, strikes, labour disputes, accidents, government requisitions, restrictions or regulations on travel, facility availability, commodities or supplies, inability to secure sufficient labour, civil disturbance, terrorism or threats of terrorism, transportation, disaster, fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, unseasonably extreme inclement weather, epidemic or threats of epidemic, pandemic, any communicable disease or threat or fear of communicable disease which leads to any travel advisory or warning issued by a national or international body or agency, trade embargoes or sanctions or any other comparable conditions (a “Force Majeure Event”). Where a Force Majeure Event has occurred, Temenos shall be excused from further performance or observance of the obligation(s) so affected for as long as such circumstances prevail and in no event shall Temenos be liable for any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages of any nature or for any reason whatsoever.

Temenos will process, and instruct the Temenos TCF Conference Registration Team to process personal data supplied during Your Event Registration, for purposes relating to the Event (such as securing your event and hotel registration, administration, security management, accounting, record keeping, to offer Event related products, including the Networking Service, and for conducting surveys) and as set forth in the Temenos Privacy Policy ( You confirm to Temenos that the personal data you have provided or will provide to Temenos related to is correct and up to date or that you will inform us of any changes required in order to keep such data regarding You up to date. The personal data may include: given name, initials or middle names, family name, e-mail addresses, contact details, dietary information, emergency contact details, photographs, and where applicable payment and credit card details and tracking of all actions in the online registration.

Temenos may photograph, videotape and other form of recording its own promotional Event and materials at its own discretion but subject to all applicable laws, in particular but not limited to any and all personal data protection regulations. Temenos may use such materials for its legitimate purposes in internal and external communication, such as on its websites and intranet and other Temenos publications for promotional and marketing activities and for any other lawful purpose in the ordinary course of its business, without compensation or acknowledgment.

If you no longer wish to receive information about future Temenos events and marketing communications, you may unsubscribe from marketing communications by contacting [email protected].

The badge scanning technology that Temenos uses at the TCF 2020 only detects your passage through a TCF 2020 checkpoint. Your badge contains a unique identifier which is recorded on a central server each time you pass a secure TCF 2020 checkpoint. Only the TCF Conference Registration Team (based in the UK) is able to reconcile the unique identifier with your TCF 2020 registration details (and not for instance the supplier of the badge scanning technology). The data collected by your badge will allow Temenos to evaluate attendance at sessions and the event in general based on statistical data. Temenos will only use such statistical data for purposes of evaluating sessions and the Event in general, and for improving arrangements for future TCF events.

The data collected by your badge is reconciled with your registration details by the TCF Conference Registration Team. The TCF Conference Registration Team may only process the data upon instructions of Temenos which is responsible for the data processing.

The Temenos TCF Event Tools (Temenos TCF DRS – delegate registration site, networking service information, promotional materials, etc.) contain proprietary materials of Temenos and/or of its suppliers. All rights therein are reserved. Any and all rights, including title, ownership rights, copyright, trademark, patents, and any other intellectual property rights of whatever nature, in the services or products described in these Temenos TCF Event Tools, including any associated processes or any derivative works, will remain the sole and exclusive property of Temenos and/or its suppliers.

TEMENOS™ and TEMENOS T24™ are registered trademarks of Temenos Headquarters SA.

All other product or company names that may be mentioned on the Temenos TCF Event Tools are trade names, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

The Temenos TCF Event Tools may contain links to other websites, which are not controlled or maintained by Temenos. Please note that Temenos is not responsible for the content of those sites. The inclusion of such links does not imply any endorsement of these sites.

Temenos values and encourages freedom of expression. To maintain a right balance between such freedom of expression, and potential abuses of the Temenos TCF Event Tools, You agree to:

always respect the Temenos name, reputation, goodwill and other business assets when using the Temenos TCF Event Tools.

in particular, respect the Temenos Trademark Guidelines when referring to Temenos or its products and services. These Temenos Trademark Guidelines can be provided on request.

ensure that any content that You make available does not infringe the rights of Temenos, another user, or any third party.

in particular, refrain from infringing any intellectual property rights, privacy and data protection laws, confidentiality commitments, trade or business secrets, banking secrecy, or other laws when using the Temenos TCF Event Tools.

refrain from making any statements that would be insulting, threatening, libellous, obscene, offensive to religious, political or ethical beliefs, discriminating or racially oriented, or otherwise infringing any applicable legislation or third party rights.

refrain from making any statements that would be disrespectful, misrepresenting, or otherwise harmful to Temenos, the user, or any third party.

refrain from discussing topics with competitors that could give rise to competition law issues (such as price-fixing or market allocation agreements), and always conduct discussions with competitors in accordance with applicable antitrust regulations.

refrain from using the Temenos TCF Event Tools to participate in or send contests, pyramid systems, or chain letters.

refrain from sending or posting unsolicited e-mails or internal messages (spam) to other users.

Temenos does not proactively monitor (neither before nor after publication of content) whether the content posted by users complies with these Temenos TCF Event Tools Terms of Use.

Although Temenos may occasionally verify compliance with the Temenos TCF Event Tools Terms of Use, You agree that Temenos does not have a general obligation to monitor content posted on the Temenos TCF Event Tools, nor to actively seek facts or circumstances indicating illegal activity or content.


The Event registration site can be subject to maintenance, at Temenos’ discretion and without prior notice. Such maintenance may require a temporary unavailability of these sites.

Temenos reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of all or part of the Temenos TCF Event Tools at its own discretion, at any time, and without advanced notice.

By using any of the Temenos TCF Event Tools, You agree to abide by these Temenos TCF Event Tools Terms of Use.

These Temenos TCF Event Tools Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Switzerland. In case of disputes arising in relation to these Temenos TCF Event Tools Terms of Use, the Courts of Geneva will have exclusive jurisdiction.

English shall be the official language of the Event.

Temenos reserves the right to make changes to any and all aspects of the Event/s including but not limited to the timing and content of the Event and Event agendas, the Event names, themes, content, programs, speakers, performers, hosts, moderators, Venues and time.

The Terms and Conditions and, more generally, all matters relating to registering for or participating in the Event shall be governed by Swiss law and, as regards any claims against Temenos, You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court of Geneva, Switzerland.

Waiver by Temenos of a breach of these Terms and Conditions, or of any rights created by or arising under these Terms and Conditions, must be in writing and signed by Temenos and variation of any part of these Terms and Conditions must be in writing and signed by Temenos to be effective.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will be construed to place the parties in the relationship of partners, joint ventures or fiduciaries, nor may either party act as agent for the other.

No statement or representation about the Event or otherwise concerning the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions may be relied upon by the Delegate unless expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions to the extent permitted at law.

The Delegate may not assign its rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions.


The delegate shall pay the hotel fees directly to the hotel upon check-out. Should you fail to make such payment, Temenos reserves the right to charge the hotel fees to you, including as a result of any applicable no-shows, cancellations or incidentals related to your hotel registration and accommodation and you agree to immediately pay all such fees to Temenos. In the event of a ‘no show’/cancellation, or reduction in duration of stay, the cancellation policy of each hotel will apply as detailed in the TCF 2020 official hotels cancellation terms table below.
You will incur cancellation fees equal to 100% of the full stay for any no shows or early departures.

For any hotel rooms cancelled, Temenos will try to re-sell your room to another Conference attendee to limit cancellation fees, however Temenos does not make any guarantee that the rooms will be resold and this will be based solely on hotel availability. If Temenos is unable to re-sell your room, you agree to pay Temenos in full for all cancellation fees incurred.

TCF 2020 Official Hotels Cancellation Terms

TCF 2020 HotelCancellation Fee/Period
All TCF 2020 Hotels Full stay will be charged for any cancellation made 14 days, or less prior to arrival date.

Please note that you will be charged an extra night accommodation should you fail to check-in or check-out within the hotel official times, unless otherwise confirmed to you in writing by hotel. If you wish to extend your stay for any additional nights, outside of your hotel registration dates, this will be subject to hotel’s availability and rates.

A confirmation email with your unique reservation number will be sent to you by the conference registration team prior to your arrival date.

By completing your registration you acknowledge and agree that we may share your personal data with any of the hotels available through this accommodation registration page.

Accommodation Queries

Any enquiries or assistance related to the official TCF 2020 hotels should be directed to the conference registration team – contact details below:

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 583511
Email: [email protected]

Payment Methods

​Credit Card

We accept payment by Visa, AMEX and MasterCard. Your card will be charged by Cvent Inc. Your credit card details will be used to guarantee your attendance.

Bank/Wire Transfer

Transfers must be made in Euros (€) to the TCF 2020 registration company, Conference Contacts Limited. Full Euro bank account details are included in the payment area within the registration section.

Payment Conditions

Registration for TCF 2020 is subject to the following payment conditions:

  1. The TCF 2020 Conference Registration Team must receive payment before it can confirm your place at TCF 2020 (and your hotel accommodation, where applicable). Admittance to the conference will not be allowed without payment or proof of payment being received in advance. Proof of payment includes a written confirmation from the payee’s bank, a remittance advice or credit card guarantee.
  2. If your company/organisation requires an invoice before payment can be made, please complete invoice/receipt section during your online registration. Include a purchase order number if this is required for payment and quote your VAT number.
  3. Once your registration has been processed, an invoice will be sent via email to you directly from the registration site system. 
  4. Credit card payments will be processed by Cvent Inc. All credit card fee payments are charged in Euros (€).
  5. Registration for and participation at TCF 2020 are subject to Registration Conditions. By submitting your registration for TCF 2020 , you will be considered to have agreed to the TCF 2020 Registration Conditions. See Terms and Conditions for full details.
  6. Cash payments cannot be accepted for TCF 2020 delegate fees.

Payment Queries

If you have any queries regarding payment of your TCF 2020 registration fee, please do not hesitate to contact our Conference Registration Team at Conference Contacts Limited:

Temenos Community Forum 2020
Conference Registrations
c/o Conference Contacts Limited

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 583511
Email: [email protected]

Key Deadlines and Dates

  •  You may transfer your registration to another person within the same organization until Tuesday 1 September 2020.  
  • Deadline for all registration bookings in Tuesday 8 September 2020
  • You may cancel your registration before Tuesday 15 September 2020 and receive a full refund of your delegate fee. We regret that no delegate fee refunds can be made for registration cancellations made on or after Tuesday 15 September 2020.