Cancelled: TCF 2020, 20-22 October, Dublin 

TCF 2020 Agenda

TCF is one of the largest global banking technology industry conferences. It is where the financial sector meets to learn how technology can transform their businesses.


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Led by Fred Cook, CIO, BlueShore Financial, S.E.E.D. provides a forum for like-minded peers to share, extract, and expand on their common focus to differentiate within our markets by leveraging our Core Banking, Analytics and Microsoft Azure banking environments. It is also an opportunity to interact and provide feedback to Temenos and Microsoft on common ideas, concepts and needs.

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A1 – Temenos Technology: The Winning Formula

Tony Coleman – Product Director, Technology & John Abel – Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud

Technology Stream

The technology platform underpinning Temenos products enables banks to make the best use of new technologies and approaches. Cloud-native and cloud-agnostic, it is microservice-based, works natively on all major public clouds and scales out as needed. The microservices allow for more granular progressive deployments and, for future releases, module-level upgrade. This is delivered with a full set of Open APIs ensuring that banks can easily integrate into other systems used and to external solution partners. Join this session to understand where we are on the journey, what the technology enables and what comes next.

A2 – Temenos Infinity: “The Bank of You”

Darryl Proctor – Product Director, Temenos Infinity, Kam Chana – Business Development Manager & Client Guest Speakers

Business Stream

Digital banking is changing in the sense that customers have come to expect their bank to know and deeply understand their needs. Banking is becoming more and more embedded in our everyday lives. In this session, you will learn what it takes to deliver a highly personalized CX that meets your customer in the right place and at the right time. This session will break down the capabilities and technology needed to build customer loyalty

A3 – Revolution in Retail Banking

Valmina Prezani – Senior Product Manager & Client Guest Speaker

Business Stream

Retail banking is becoming more and more about personalization and about embedding banking capabilities into everyday life so that they become more relevant to end customers. Join this session to understand how Temenos’ investments in this area are being delivered and explore how your bank can benefit from them.

A4 – Agile & Flexible Approaches to System Transformation

Terry Page – Director of Global Client Delivery, Ingrid Sinon – CEO, Seychelles Credit Union, Jose Luis Sifuentes – CIO, Banco Ripley & other Client Guest Speakers

Business Stream

System transformation can appear both to be a strategic imperative and a short-term challenge. In this session, we will explore how our approach takes advantage of some of the technology investments that enable us to produce system transformation programs that deliver earlier commercial benefits and retain delivery flexibility as banks’ business agenda continues to unfold.

A5 – Next-Generation SaaS Capability for Digital Banks

Ross Mallace – Business Line Director SaaS, Jeffery Kendall – EVP Sales and Distribution & Client Guest Speaker

Business Stream

In the age of rapidly advancing technology and increasing competitive pressures, banks strive to differentiate themselves and meet the ever-increasing expectations of their customers and members. Temenos SaaS provides new digital and greenfields banks with a superior omnichannel front-to-back solution that delivers fully configured banking products and services, including support for conversational interfaces, artificial intelligence, and wearable technologies, so they can provide an exceptional customer experience and open new accounts seamlessly through all digital channels. Temenos SaaS allows new digital banks to come to market quickly, acquire customers fast, reduce customer onboarding time and grow share of wallet and revenues fast.

A6 – Empowering New Banking Ecosystems & Business Models with Big Data

Moderator: Todd Winship – Product Director, Data & Analytics

Panel: Fred Cook – CIO, BlueShore Financial and other Client Guest Speakers

Industry Stream

Data is the most valuable form of currency in the digital world and it is fundamental to the way financial institutions differentiate themselves. In this session, we will look at how banks can use big data to invent new product and service offerings, create novel business models and enhance partner ecosystems. Explore a number of fresh ideas with some of Temenos’ most thought-leading clients and partners.

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A8 – Gold Sponsor – Microsoft


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B1 – The Power of Temenos Infinity: Real-World Solutions Showcase

Ed Gross – SVP Product Management, Temenos Infinity & Client Guest Speakers

Business Stream

View real-world examples and hear the stories behind the creation of best-in-class customer experiences. Find out about the great results achieved in customer acquisition and an innovative way to build revenue.

B2 – Leverage Open Banking: API Strategies and Technology for Better Opportunity

Paul Roberts – Project Director, Developer Community and MarketPlace & Asif Khan – Head of Solution Engineering and Innovation, ABN AMRO

Technology Stream

APIs are more fashionable than ever before. Behind the hype, they are a key ingredient for banks who wish to reach out to the wider innovation ecosystem and find their own areas for specialization in the new open banking landscape. In this session, we will build on real-world experience to explore how Temenos’ Open APIs can be used in practical ways to work towards strategic objectives.

B3 – Taking the Complexity Out of Corporate Banking

Maurya Murphy – Senior Product Manager, Steve Scott – Senior Product Manager, Jenny Alexandrou – Product Manager & Client Guest Speaker

Business Stream

Corporate Banking is changing. Corporate customers are increasingly demanding more complex and integrated banking solutions, and banks need to be able to assemble attractive packages for them. In this session, we will explore how Temenos has improved the corporate facilities capabilities of Temenos Transact, and how these can be used to manufacture better arrangements for corporate clients.

B4 – The Treasurer’s Dilemma: Preparing for a Future Without LIBOR

Adam Gable – Product Director & Client Guest Speakers

Business Stream

By the end of 2021, LIBOR, the world’s “most important number in finance” will be retired, creating one of the biggest challenges to the financial services industry. As a replacement for LIBOR, each central bank has chosen an overnight Risk-Free Rate (RFR). However, a simple rate substitution for existing contracts is not possible – RFRs are not equal to LIBOR. The transition process is complex and time for action is shrinking. Regulators have instructed that market makers move away from LIBOR as the primary benchmark, setting a target of Q3 2020 to cease issuance of LIBOR based cash products. Join this session to learn more about this major industry reform and how Temenos Transact Treasury can help ensure a smooth transition.

B5 – Riding the Wave of Payments Regulatory Change

Sujatha Venkatraman – Product Director, Payments, Shrey Rastogi – Product Manager, Payments & Client Guest Speakers

Business Steam

The payments industry is being reinvigorated by an increasing rate of change in the standards which govern its operations and by the rise of new payment rails and new market entrants. Learn how Temenos is addressing these changes to help banks take advantage of the opportunities which are being created.

B6 – Economist Intelligence Unit Report: The Future of Banking

Moderator: Evelina Amanatidou – Head of Communications

Panelists: Kanika Hope – Global Strategic Business Development Director, Economist Intelligence Unit Editor & Client Guest Speakers

Industry Stream

The panel “Banks challenging the status quo: launching the 7th annual Economist report” will discuss banking trends across banking segments and geographies and the findings of the Economist report, which we are sponsoring for the seventh consecutive year. The report takes the pulse of banks every year on key trends evaluating how banks’ are evolving their strategies and business models. It is truly global, garnering insights and responses from 300 senior banking executives.

B7 – Platinum Sponsor – Cognizant


B8 – Cloud Sponsor – Google Cloud

Google Cloud

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Take advantage of the coffee break to network with your peers and visit The Hive

Check back soon for further information on our exciting Open Theater Session

By Seperate Invitation Only

C1 – Marketing with Hyper-Personalized Customer Experiences

Rob Wint – Senior Digital Product Manager, Scott Hathaway – Senior Director, BSG Infinity & Client Guess Speaker

Business Stream

Decades ago, people used to do all their banking by visiting the bank. Digital banking has removed the inconvenience of physically having to be at a branch, but also lost the benefit of forming a personal connection between bank and customer. Temenos Infinity helps you connect the personal and digital world to personalize your customer engagement using data from predictive, real-time analytics.

C2 – Explainable AI Explained: The Technology Behind Temenos AI

Prema Varadhan – Chief Product Architect, Hani Hagras – Chief Science Officer & Janet Adams – Head of Risk & Controls, TSB

Technology Stream

Temenos AI solutions are built using an advanced Explainable AI mechanism based around the use of fuzzy logic which enables humans to understand why a particular choice was selected by the AI technology. This is relevant in all areas, but in particular for decisions that affect customers and regulators. In this session, we will explore how this technology works and how it can be used with real-world examples.

C3 – Advice for the Advisors: Temenos Infinity Wealth

Alex Duret – Product Director, Temenos Infinity Wealth & Dave Malone – VP Business Initiatives, Royal Bank of Canada

Business Stream

The wealth advisory business is evolving. Wealthy clients are increasingly tech-savvy. A hybrid advisory model in which a self-service capability is combined with access to a Relationship Manager is fast becoming the evolving standard. The challenge is to move quickly with making products available to their established customer base and remain competitive. Temenos Infinity Wealth provides out-of-the-box investment management software to help any type of financial institution – from retail and universal banks to top-end private banks – address these challenges and take advantage of the opportunity to enter new markets.

C4 – Temenos Value Benchmark: Deriving Business Value from Your IT Investment

Kanika Hope – Strategic Business Development Director

Business Stream

Temenos Value Benchmark is an industry-first, innovative strategic advisory program to help our clients understand, accelerate and optimize the tangible business value created by their investment in IT. The program discusses business performance and value creation structured around business and IT metrics, and qualitative best practices along eight domains of the banking value chain. Join this session to see the latest insights from the benchmark and hear from esteemed banks from all around the world on their experience participating in the program.

C5 – Achieving Sky High Value from Moving to SaaS

Colin Jarrett – Chief Cloud & Delivery Officer & Dan Dickinson – CIO, EQ Bank

Business Stream

The utilization of SaaS for the delivery of innovative banking services is growing very quickly as our industry overcomes the perceived challenges of security, data privacy and regulation and embraces the benefits of speed to market and optimizing cloud benefits. With the emergence of multiple pathways to utilizing cloud solutions and the prevalence of banks making the move, best practices are evolving rapidly. Join this discussion to hear first-hand how Temenos clients are successfully transitioning banking services to the cloud – streamlining services and developing differentiated competitive offerings.

C6 – Beating the Challanges Facing Challenger Banks

Moderator: Mark Gunning – Business Solutions Group Director

Panel: Mike Harriman – CITO, Albaco Limited, Gary Blumenthal – COO, Grasshopper Bank & other Client Guest Speakers

Industry Stream

Challenger banks need to move fast to attract customers, deposits and business. Whether you are a challenger bank, or just want to learn from their experiences, come to this session to get first-hand real-world experience about the challenges they have faced and how they approach them.

C7 – Protecting Banks & Customers from Financial Crime – Moving Beyond Gatekeeping to Part of Core

Adam Gable – Product Director, Financial Crime, Treasury & Risk & Moshe Selfin – COO, Credorax

Business Stream

Financial Crime is high on the agenda. Financial institutions need to protect their customers and their reputation while driving efficiency and managing the ‘cost of compliance’. Join this session to find out how Temenos offers banks the industry’s most innovative and cost-effective approach to financial crime mitigation. Using AI and machine learning, it screens new customers and assigns risk levels based on their propensity to be involved with financial crime. It then monitors ongoing activities, developing a real understanding of customers and their patterns so it can quickly flag unusual banking behavior. Institutions will benefit from a risk-based approach that applies best practices and delivers the lowest false-positive rate on the market.

C8 – Gold Sponsor – Syncordis


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D1 – Flexible to the Core: Temenos Transact Microservices

Cormac Flanagan – Product Director, Temenos Transact & Client Guest Speaker

Business Stream

The move to a microservice architecture opens up new possibilities in terms of phased deployment, module-level upgrades and scaling-out at module level for business volumes. Learn how the technology is being phased in and how your bank can get business value from it.

D2 – Accelerating. Innovating & Scaling for Success: Temenos Continuous Deployment

Tony Coleman, Product Director, Technology & Client Guest Speaker

Technology Stream

Temenos Continuous Deployment helps you implement new changes, test them automatically and then transfer them to your live environment. Find out how this service works in practice and explore some of the use cases for this DevOps approach in your bank.

D3 – Omnichannel Customer Experiences with Temenos Infinity Distribution Services

Brian Abele – SVP, Product Management, Temenos Infinity & Client Guest Speakers

Business Stream

Learn how to increase agility, speed your time-to-market, and drive new business models with your apps. Temenos Infinity now offers you new microservice-based Distribution Services. The API-driven microservices allow separation of distribution from bank manufacturing and channels.

D4 – Temenos Data Lake for Infinity – Real-Time Big Data, Analytics & AI at Scale for Digital Banks

Todd Winship – Product Director, Business Intelligence & Azfar Karimuddin, AVP, Application Services, Canadian Western Bank

Business Stream

Temenos Data Lake for Infinity provides fully integrated real-time big data and analytics at scale for digital banks. See how your bank can achieve significant leaps in personalization with the Temenos Data Lake for Infinity as an integrated solution along with Temenos Infinity and Temenos Artificial Intelligence.

D5 – The Lifeboat in a Sea of Regulatory Change

Lisa Hall, Product Director, Regulatory Compliance & Guillaume Desjonquères, CEO, Syncordis

Business Stream

Remaining compliant with local regulatory and business standards is vital to every financial institution. At a time when firms are called upon to provide both more granularity and higher volumes of information to their reporting authorities, both at a local and international level, firms are constantly directed to provide ‘more’ with ‘less’ resources. It is clear that as demands on financial institutions continue to grow, the need for collaboration with Temenos is greater than ever. Join this session to find out how Temenos can help you remain compliant with regulations and manage risk in a constantly changing economic environment, with a wide range of modular products and service offerings.

D6 – Beyond The Buzz: Real-World AI Use Cases

Prema Varadhan – Chief Product Architect, Hani Hagras – Chief Science Officer, Colin Hardie – Architect & Rayce Rossum – Principal Data Scientist

Industry Stream

AI-powered applications allow banks to personalize the customer experience and engagement. Temenos embeds AI and Machine Learning capabilities into our banking platform so banks can realize significantly increased value across the entire enterprise to provide individualized customer experiences and maximize straight-through processing with limited or no human intervention in all areas of the bank. In this session, you will hear from banks on how they are implementing AI for real-life use cases that produce value for both the bank and the customer.

D7 – Gold Sponsor – Tech Mahindra/Sofgen

Tech Mahindra/Sofgen

D8 -Gold Sponsor – Deloitte


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Take advantage of the coffee break to network with your peers and visit The Hive

Check back soon for further information on our exciting Open Theater Session

E1 – Live from TCF

Industry Stream

E2 – Expanding Cloud Capabilities: Distributed Multi-Cloud

Tony Coleman – Product Director, Technology, Client Guest Speaker & Partner Guest Speaker

Technology Stream

Taking cloud to the next level. Temenos offers multi-cloud solutions that can run live on different clouds at the same time. This can address regulatory concerns and can increase the resilience of a bank’s operations.

E3 – Delivering the Outstanding Shari’ah Compliance Experience

Fadi Yazbek – Managing BSG Consultant, MEA & Client Guest Speaker

Business Stream

Delivering an Outstanding Shari’ah Compliance Experience to their customers in a key priority for Islamic banks. But how can they create offerings that are compliant and personalized, while at the same time reduce their operational costs and risks? Join this session to see how combining digital and human interaction and leveraging advanced graphical product capabilities and modern technology, can help Islamic banks to outstand on their customer experience.

E4 – Temenos Data Lake for Transact – Revolutionizing Data Streaming & Data Optimization

Todd Winship – Product Director, Data & Analytics, Chris Shelmerdine – Product Manager, Data & Client Guest Speaker

Business Stream

Temenos Data Lake for Transact has modernized the data capabilities surrounding the core banking platform. See how data event streaming, data engineering and operational data store can accelerate your bank’s ability to leverage all data within transact better, cheaper, and more efficiently.

E5 – The Time is Now for Instant, Real-Time Payments

Sujatha Venkatraman – Product Director, Payments, Shrey Rastogi – Senior Payments Strategist & Alistair Davis – Senior Business Architect Standards & Strategy,

Business Stream

Instant payments continue to be rolled out around the world. Come and learn how Temenos Payments has already helped banks in this area, and find out about some of the lessons learned from existing experience about how to make the most of the new opportunities it creates.

E6 – Contextual Banking: The 360 Customer Experience

Ayman Ramadaan – Product Manager, Temenos Infinity Origination, Oliver Wilkes – Architect, Temenos Infinity & Client Guest Speaker

Business Stream

By providing a simpler, more convenient, and more user-friendly customer experience in every interaction, you can improve customer engagement and loyalty and reduce abandonment. In this session, we will show you how to engage with your customers to deliver valuable service at just the right moment, through the right channel.

E7 – Seizing the Robo-tunity

Jeremy Boot – Product Manager, Temenos Infinity & Client Guest Speaker

Business Stream

The modern banking customer is looking for accessible and low-cost investing tools. Temenos Infinity for Wealth enables you to get to market quickly and effectively compete against investment firms. With this offering, you can also differentiate yourself against retail banks that do not offer investment services.

E8 – Gold Sponsor – ITSS


After what we expect to be the biggest and most eventful TCF to date we would love you to join us for some final closing drinks and entertainment!