Tech talk: Creating a 2nd Engine Bank with Moroku Odyssey

5 Apr, 2023 – 5 days left Virtual event

On the 27th of March, Moroku CEO, Colin Weir will review the attributes of an Engine 2 Bank and discuss how these can created and deployed using Temenos Marketplace provider Moroku and their toolsets of Odyssey and Money.

Prudential released Egg in 1996 as a new standalone digital bank to allow it to remove the shackles of the traditional bank. Since then, NAB, Standard Chartered and others have built a second engine for their business focused on being digital. Bain call this an Engine 2 Bank.

Engine 2 Banks are focused on a digital technology stack that allows them to focus on serving customers. They adopt agile ways of working that allow them to test and learn fast in a rapidly changing world of uncertainty. Where the parent bank is focused on scale, 2nd engine and other challenger bank formats are more focused on value and serving customer niches. 

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About Moroku

Moroku is a digital bank builder founded on a user experience orchestration and engagement platform for financial services companies to reward and support great money habits in pursuit of engagement and loyalty. As Fintech changes the industry, customer engagement through unique experiences is a critical battleground. Moroku Odyssey and its companion design process On-Ramp and white label apps, helps banks and FinTechs provide unique and compelling experiences to attract and engage customers around a telos of wellness, architected around serious games.

About Colin Weir, Moroku CEO

Selling his first software platform straight out of university, a computer model to forecast the economic impact of management decisions on New Zealand forests, Colin built his first fintech, a trade finance internet banking platform in the late 90’s in London, successfully exiting to Netscape. Since then Colin has digitised banks across the world at start-ups and as an executive at global tech firms such as Microsoft and Sun Microsystem. At Moroku Colin is creating a digital engagement platform focussed on customer success. Cycling across Australia with friends to raise money for charity highlights much of who Colin is; loving adventure, the outdoors, challenging himself, others and growing.