Revolution Banking 2021

22 Jun, 2021 – 7 days left

Join Temenos at Revolution Banking, one of Spain’s largest banking events

Temenos will be delighted to meet you ‘virtually’ at Revolution Banking 2021, where we are the Diamond Sponsor for an event focusing on the latest transformations in the banking sector.

This Spanish-speaking event will encapsulate ‘A new experience for the new banking’ and aims to attract over six hundred attendees and more than 40 industry-leading speakers plus a host of technology experts.
In recent years, technology has facilitated a progressive opening of the banking sector, and Temenos has been at the forefront of this process. It has marked the beginning of an era of competition between banks and fintech companies and collaboration between them. But this is a complex new-age – join us as we take you into the new banking world!

As the pace of digitization speeds up and banks increase their Open Banking initiatives, the upsurge in Cloud adoption continues. The evolution of segments such as data analytics and artificial intelligence remains at a dizzying pace, and banks are struggling to prioritize their IT projects.

Come and hear Temenos experts demonstrate how they are helping all banks meet the complex challenges of the post-pandemic world. Temenos is hosting a speaker session around converting a Tier 1 bank into a challenger – using Temenos’ experience of implementing and using its robust platform, front-to-back digitalization, APIs, quick time-to-market and Salesforce integration.

Also hear how 60+ Challenger Banks have chosen Temenos to power themselves into the future. Temenos experts are also taking part in a VIP Roundtable discussion about the effects of increased banking customer expectations and how to meet and exceed them.

The Key Topics for Discussion Are:

  • Banking Technologies – The evolution of technology including data analytics, artificial intelligence and Cloud and their impact on banking digitisation
  • The New Banking Scenario – What will the reality of banking be like after the pandemic?
  • Euro Digital – What can we expect from European plans around the Euro Digital?
  • Getting Closer to the Customer – Bringing the bank to the customer. For example, if they’re reluctant to visit branches or are becoming more digital
  • Diversity and Sustainability – Banking’s no longer just a question of money, digitization or data – diversity and sustainability have come into play
  • Payment Methods – Discussing some of the most significant innovations to the end-user – how payments are being re-invented

Come And Join us!

Suppose you need to know more about Open Banking, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, the Cloud, and the key banking technologies and trends? In that case, you cannot miss Revolution Banking 2021, the benchmark event in the banking sector, on June 22. Click HERE and register to join us.