How to launch a Neobank in 90 Days?

28 May, 2020

In collaboration with Aspire, Temenos is inviting you to join our webinar on 28th May, 11:30AM, Singapore Time

Neobanks need the following three key elements:

  1. Resilience for performance and robustness
  2. Rapid responsiveness to prevailing market forces and fluid customer demands; and
  3. Speed to market

With the COVID-19 outbreak, launching a neobank might seem as if it got all the more tougher. Well, think again! Aspire Systems and Temenos, the banking software specialist, present a tell-all on how to kick start a neo-bank in 90 days from scratch with a light yet powerful technology stack, in any business storm.

What’s in store for you in this webinar?

  • Understanding the necessary roadmap for a Neobank
  • Explore how the combination of Temenos Transact on cloud and Temenos Infinity to kick start operations in 90 days
  • Find out what is the most appealing banking solution in the market and why it matters the most during these uncertain times

All attendees will get an exclusive access to the latest and extensive Neobank report powered by Temenos and Aspire Systems


Kamal Chandramohan, Client Engagement and Solution Manager for BFS practice at Aspire Systems

With 10 years of Digital Technology experience and 17 years of IT Industry experience, he has helped a variety of financial institutions—big banks, credit unions, and neo banks go digital. He is currently working with a Bank in the Middle East to release a Neo Bank for the KSA. His experience in Digital Retail, Corporate Banking, Customer Onboarding and Origination proved critical in implementing Digital Banking in a short time span. His clients appreciate his willingness to spend extra time learning their businesses to fully understand their often complex needs. He’s a Neo Bank expert and understands the complexities involved in helping new entrants re-bundle financial services in new, scalable ways to enhance customer experience. Kamal can leverage banking services to build a suite of the most appropriate services, always focused on the customer’s growth and success. Before joining Aspire, he has worked for companies and clients like GE, Toshiba etc.

Temenos APAC Sales Lead, Saas

Pradyut lives to question the norms set down before his time; a digital native, Pradyut leads the Temenos SaaS initiative in the APAC region. He started his career in software engineering at Tata Consultancy Services followed by sales stints at Oracle, Cognizant before joining Temenos. He lives and breathes cloud computing and having seen the first wave of disruption caused by cloud computing is determined to bring the second wave in the world of financial services. Pradyut joined Temenos last year and since then has worked with financial organisations of all shapes and sizes helping them chart a technology journey that will enable them to achieve their business objectives. He believes technology when used the right way is a true enabler and cloud has truly democratized technology to be available to organisations – big or small to achieve their vision both in the short and long-term.