TCF 2022 Agenda

After more than two years of meeting virtually, we invite you to join us in person at TCF in London on 17-19 May.

Wednesday 18th May

Find out what’s in store for TCF 2022!

Martin Haering, Chief Marketing Officer, Temenos

Banking is moving beyond borders and boundaries. And through our open platform for composable banking, big opportunities are emerging. Hear the vision behind Everyone’s Banking Platform in this keynote address by Max Chuard, CEO, Temenos. 

Max Chuard, Chief Executive Officer, Temenos
David Roller, CIO, Commerce Bank

Banking is changing in front of our eyes. But what does post-pandemic digital acceleration, shifts in the customer interaction and the rise of SaaS and Banking-as-a-Service mean for your bank? Our C-suite panel of banking leaders and experts provide the insights, predictions and practical know-how to guide you on your digital journey.

David Brear, CEO and Co-Founder, 11:FS
Andrew Moor, CEO, Equitable Bank

Steve Naudé, Head of Product, Wise
Jon Webster, Managing Director and Partner, BCG
Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer, Temenos

In the new normal customers and competitors move fast. Can you innovate in hours and deliver value in days? See how Temenos open platform for composable banking provides the agility to get you there with rich services, proven scalability and a vibrant fintech ecosystem.

Jost Hoppermann, Vice President Banking Applications & Architecture, Forrester Research
Prema Varadhan, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Temenos
Tony Coleman, Chief Technology Officer, Temenos
Ramki Ramakrishnan, Director, Global Business Solutions, Temenos

Digital initiatives need a solid business case. Discover how banks have benchmarked business value against industry peers with Temenos, to understand their potential and then deliver impactful, measurable transformation.

Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer, Temenos
Chris Catliff, CEO of Blueshore Financial
Mathieu Charles, Strategic Advisor, Temenos

John Kain – Head of Banking and Capital Markets, Amazon Web Services
Ross Mallace, VP & Global Head of SaaS and Partner Ecosystem, Temenos

Cloud banking strategies are complex. Learn the lessons from the last decade of cloud core banking and find out what it takes to successfully (re)build a  bank in the cloud. How can a shift to SaaS signal your final upgrade?

Friso Westra, Head of IT Development Core Banking International, ABN Amro​
Stefanie Chiras, Senior Vice President of Partner Ecosystem Success, Red Hat​
Rafi Katanasho, APAC CTO, Dynatrace
Colin Jarrett, Chief Client Delivery Officer, Temenos

Big banks can be nimble. Find out how they are innovating at lower cost, and in higher margin business lines. Discover how to by-pass the core, renovate one component at a time, and gain the agility to design and launch tailored products and experiences.

James Buckley, Executive Vice President Strategic Business, Temenos
Chris Wooldridge, Regional Head BSG, Infinity
John Clagan, Senior Product Manager, Temenos

Valmina Prezani, Product Director, Temenos

Recognizing outstanding initiatives in the Temenos customer community.

How does our platform create value for everyone? Learn how Temenos clients and partners have embraced the platform approach to win the customer interaction, grow fast, and scale with ease. Introduced by Erich Gerber, CRO, Temenos, featuring a fireside conversation with HBL and NN Bank.

Erich Gerber, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Temenos
Sagheer Mufti, COO, HBL
Marcel Ooijevaar, Head of Strategic Change Programs., NN Bank

Doubling down on customer experience and engagement is critical for revenue growth. See the latest solutions driving digital banking and front office transformation, underpinned by the latest in CRM integration, data analytics, explainable AI and channel and core agnostic onboarding and origination services in the cloud.

Jeff Wright, Group Head, Client Solutions & Speciality Businesses, Canadian Western Bank
Lorenzo Villa, Head of Touchpoints, Credito Emiliano S.p.A.
Joaquin de Valenzuela Muley, Executive Vice President, Chief Business Operations Officer, Temenos

Adelina Rusu, Head of Solutions Marketing, Digital Banking, Temenos
Holger Lehmann, VP, Global BSG Manager – Infinity, Temenos

Spotlight on agile banking product delivery to capture new growth opportunities. How can you turn insights into new products fast – from configurable lending to corporate banking. See the latest advances in smart product creation and composable banking services such as BNPL – and how to innovate at speed to win new business.

Pat O’Sullivan, CIO Customer Platforms, AIB

Cormac Flanagan, Senior Product Director, Temenos
Maurya Murphy, Senior Product Director, Temenos
Dimitris Tsirikos, Senior Product Manager, Temenos

How can banks future-proof their response to ever-changing customer behaviour and curate personalized banking with speed and at scale? Join this session to learn how banks can embrace platform business models, how platformification can help deliver greater operational efficiency, market penetration and faster time to market, and ensure your bank is ‘built to change’.

Elias Ghanem, Vice President and Global Head of Capgemini Research Institute for Financial Services, Capgemini

How will you define your role in banking ecosystems? How can deployment flexibility, continuous operations and open connectivity help you to seize the network opportunity? Join this session to learn how you can drive unlimited scale with SaaS and increase your reach through any channel. And see how banks are accelerating new propositions with fintech integration and Banking-as-a-Service.

Vladimir Lounegov, CEO, Mbanq
Andrew Reeves, Managing Director, SaaS Business Office, Temenos
Ross Mallace, Executive Vice President, Global Head of SaaS & Partner Ecosystem – SaaS, Temenos
Ermes Dajko, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Temenos

Alvaro de Palacios, SaaS Chief Technology Officer, Temenos

Consolidation and disintermediation may be slower in private wealth management but retaining clients, growing assets under management and satisfying a new generation of clients is key. See the latest digital solutions and AI-assisted wealth management technology market leaders are using to maintain and expand their portfolios.

Sebastien Gomis, CIO, Mirabaud
Francois Leyss, COO, Mirabaud

Wouter Abrahamse, Head of IT Wealth, ABN AMRO
Alexandre Duret, Senior Product Director – Wealth, Temenos
Noah Kraehenmann, Global Head of Sales, Wealth, Temenos
Rüdiger Rischer, Senior Global Manager Wealth Business Solutions Group, Temenos

Reducing our carbon footprint to help reach ESG targets, and a net-zero plan is a team sport. Enabled by SaaS and Cloud technology, banks can reduce energy and emissions by more than 90% compared with on-prem solutions. Find out how banks have built their proposition around sustainability and see how an open platform enables new services for your customers, such as embedded carbon footprint tracking. How will you shift from sustainability strategy, to sustainable action?

Kalliopi Chioti, Chief ESG Officer, Temenos
Ivan Mazzoleni, CEO, Flowe
Andrew Moor, CEO, EQ Bank 

Patrice Amann, Senior Director, Financial Services Business Lead, Microsoft

Thursday 19th May

See the latest advances in onboarding, origination and servicing across retail, SME and corporate banking, including Temenos Infinity latest feature demos, roadmap and customer success.

Temenos, Habib Bank

Banks are already down $10bn as specialist Buy Now Pay Later players have entered the market. Learn how Temenos is enabling banks and BaaS providers to offer Buy Now Pay Later services with embedded AI driven soft score capabilities which offer full decision transparency to end customers.


The future of banks and fintech services is together. Discover first-hand how Exchange Partners can easily be leveraged to create innovative banking and learn from Temenos Clients why they are using this disruptive ecosystem. 

Temenos, Trusted Novus Bank, Formpipe Software and Marqueta Capital Suites

Starting in Europe with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, ESG investing has become a major trend. One way to align sustainable development with economic policy is to funnel financial investments towards projects and companies that promote environmental, social and governance best practices. How can your bank be part of the change?

ABN AMRO, Schroders, Clarity AI & MSCI ESG Research and Temenos

The SME sector is growing fast. Discover the latest Temenos solutions helping to create customer intimacy with data-driven insights, fast-turnarounds and tailored advice for your SME customers.

Canadian Western Bank and Temenos

The great generational wealth transfer is underway. See Temenos’ end-to-end wealth roadmap and platform in action, with digital and AI-assisted wealth management, coverage for the broadest range of assets, and the most efficient back office processes to deepen existing relationships and capture value from the modern breed of investor. 

Temenos and Capgemini

The payments market has always been dynamic and the pace of fundamental change is increasing. See how banks are bringing new offerings to market faster than ever before to drive success. This session will cover the opportunities to capture new business from Request to Pay (R2P) through to opportunities in the latest ISO 20022 messaging transformation.

Mastercard and Temenos

70+ challengers and non-banks have chosen Temenos to build fast, innovate at speed and scale without limits. Discover how nimble new providers can assemble services in minutes and accelerate the path to value.


Imagine if your bank seamlessly supported you with financial services at the point of need, at every stage of your life. With the agility to segregate product design from the core you can be that bank. How does this combine with enterprise digital banking and origination workflow, XAI and an open platform for outside innovation to take agility to the next level?

Credito Emiliano S.p.A. and Temenos

Corporate Banking is a growth driver for banks. Discover how banks are increasing the speed, accuracy and efficiency of their corporate banking operations, increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately their bottom line.

IBM, AIB and Temenos

Moving your Transact instance to Temenos SaaS is easier than ever. Enjoy the benefits of lower operational costs; enhanced Exchange access; and continuous updates and operations – making this your last upgrade, ever.

EQ Bank and Temenos

The data and AI era is proving to be a game-changer in Financial Services. 85% of IT executives in banking have a “clear strategy” (EIU report) for adopting XAI in developing new products and services. Join our discussion forum to discover how AI can help banks rely on data and build trust with their customers.

Atradius, Capgemini, Oracle and Temenos

The integration of Temenos with Salesforce provides unprecedented ‘phygital’ engagement across all channels.

Temenos, Salesforce

Learn more about the scalable performance of the Temenos Banking Cloud and get insights from the latest Temenos Benchmark, which covers our most recent developments to enable a Leaner & Greener cloud-native architecture.

Temenos, MongoDB and YugabyteDB

Financial Crime Mitigation & Sanctions; Optimizing Compliance in Turbulent times The geopolitical crisis has increased the impact of sanctions. Without any operational impact on false positive alerts and customer experience, how can banks comply? Join this session to tackle this topic from different perspectives with our experts and also learn how Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation (FCM) as a Service can accelerate system modernization.

Flowe, Kharon, Temenos and International Corruption Unit National Crime Agency

Learn how Temenos is evolving its solution solutions as SaaS or on-premise.​
Find out how we are changing our implementation process and working closer with our partners to enhance and deliver our solutions. We will also cover the importance of our new automated testing approach and what it means for those clients deploying on the Temenos Banking Cloud.

Temenos and LTI Syncordis

Being financially included has never been easier. Join this session to see the digital journey, leveraging the openness of the Temenos platform and the unique features of Uniken technology. Find out more about identity verification, authentication, security and the future of the Temenos Financial Inclusion product.

Uniken and Temenos

Banking services and products for SMEs and challenger banks, are still only emerging in Islamic banking. This means for an Islamic bank to gain competitive advantage, product innovation is vital both in terms of expanding offerings using existing Islamic structures, as well as developing new Islamic structures. Temenos Islamic runs on the best banking technology ensuring full Shari’ah compliance for all types of Islamic banking products.

Al Rajhi Bank and Temenos

Building new financial services from new and existing capabilities is considered to a challenge. Or isn’t it? Join our CTO, Tony Coleman for a deep dive into Temenos Smart Products and combine technology to create the financial products of the future in a safe, efficient, and smart way.


Bring the mortgage process up to date using new technology.