Temenos Infinity – Plataforma de Banca Digital

Temenos Infinity Digital for Salesforce

Temenos Infinity Digital for Salesforce is the most comprehensive way to achieve customer-centric business transformation by combining customer relationship management and financial services capabilities in one platform.

Hyper-personalizing the Banking Experience with Temenos and Salesforce

The banking industry is going through an unprecedented business model change. Customers demand a hyper-personalized experiences across digital and assisted channels that build trust and loyalty.

Temenos and Salesforce joined forces to bring together the #1 digital banking platform with the #1 CRM platform. With Temenos Infinity Digital for Salesforce banks can reinvent the banking experience by combining the relational and transactional capabilities on a single platform.

Why Temenos Infinity Digital for Salesforce

Connect Marketing, Sales and Servicing

Use rich data and AI powered analytics capabilities to predict future customer behaviour and run targeted digital marketing campaigns. Reduce drop off ratios and retarget customers who abandoned the sales journey. Provide an enhanced customer support experience thanks to smart assisted channels and integrated case management.

Create End-to-End Conversion Funnel

Provide a seamless, end-to-end, transparent customer onboarding and product origination process to accelerate efficiency in the front, middle and back office while ensuring reporting consistency. Have your employees to work together as a team and create tailored offers for clients, enabling the RMs to close deals.

Enrich Customer Knowledge

Bring the single customer view to the next level by extending the CRM information with financial account, product and services records while keeping the data secure. Use rich customer insights to predict future behaviour, create impactful campaigns, and increase customer loyalty. Provide amazing omni-channel experience by blending physical and digital channels.

Product Overview

Enhanced Customer Data Management

Extend the 360’ customer view with data coming from digital and core banking systems. Party and financial account data can be presented on Salesforce workbench screens in real-time to provide complete view of the customer and equip the front office employees with latest insights.

Account Servicing

Customer facing employees can carry out account servicing actions on behalf of the customer directly from Salesforce from changing limits to managing cards, alert subscriptions, user entitlements or initiating a payment or a transfer.

Dynamic Pricing & Product Catalog

Provide direct access to customer facing employees to the banking product catalog in order to enable dynamic quotations for customer opportunities from Salesforce. Offer dynamic pricing by combining the traditional risk based pricing methods with non-financial factors like customer life time value, customer engagement or household value. Ensure that every opportunity and relationship managers’ targets have the right product.

Omni-channel Onboarding & Origination

Extend Salesforce opportunities, referrals and leads capabilities with the powerful customer onboarding & product origination functionality of Temenos Infinity. Enable branch users, agents and relationship managers to support customer applications journeys or initiate application processes on behalf of the customer using the same onboarding & origination platform, delivering an amazing omni-channels experience.

Combined Sales Funnel

Use all the power of Temenos Infinity and Salesforce to manage all leads, referrals and opportunities from a central location. Be always top of the sales funnel to drive lead conversion.

End-to-End Process Orchestration

Provide role based task views to manage complex product origination journeys (e.g. consumer loans) and facilitate internal team collaboration.

Financial Goals

Customer facing employees can gain a deeper understanding of the customer life situation by presenting the financial saving goals on Salesforce workbench screens.

Real-Time Alerts

Financial alerts from Temenos Infinity and core banking systems are integrated into Salesforce to provide complete view of significant customer events for customer facing employees. Relationship managers can subscribe for alerts to get notified when various financial events of their customers occur.

Unified Employee Solution

Provide a seamless user experience for your employees across Temenos Infinity and Salesforce to increase productivity and transparency. From integrated Identity Access Management (IAM) to combined global search and internal messaging. Use Salesforce capabilities to create reports, lists, dashboards from CRM and banking data.

Supporting Products

Temenos Infinity para Banca Retail

Elimina la complejidad de las actividades bancarias diarias y pone a las personas en control de sus vidas financieras. La solución proporciona una plataforma digital completa para los bancos minoristas que cubre todo el ciclo de vida del cliente y ofrece aplicaciones digitales y experiencias de cliente excepcionales en todos los canales.