Technovela “Casa de Temenos” – Episode 2: Caribbean Code Challenge

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Episode 2: Caribbean Code Challenge

Episode 2 of our Technovela took place in the city of Kingston, Jamaica where our team got together at the “Caribbean Code Challege”, an event organized along with Innovate 10X, which was focused on developers in the financial industry and students in the fields of computer software & ingineering to learn more about creating innovative fintech solutions for the Jamaican market.

The Caribbean Code Challenge was a 2-day event, leaded by Chris Harrold, Director of Development Programs. where attendees learned more about Open Banking, APIs, the Temenos Development Portal. On Day 2, we held a hackathon, where the problem statement was: “In a world that is moving towards a cashless financial system, how would you solve the challenge of the unbanked and underbanked population, participating in this new economic reality?”. The participants worked in groups to present their solutions to the judges and won a special techy prize!

To learn more about the Caribbean Code Challenge, we invite you to read Chris’ blog where he tells us more about his experience hosting this event and his views on innovation in Latin America & the Caribbean.