Deloitte: Accelerating the “Art of the Possible”

Creating Digital Banking Experiences with Deloitte Digital, Temenos Infinity and Salesforce

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Customer expectations in banking are changing much faster than anticipated. Banking is becoming invisible, but that does not mean that it is disappearing. What role will your organization play in the customer-centric age of lifestyle banking? Will you be a factory or a niche distributor? Or, will you be naturally pervasive in people’s lives?

This session will take a closer look at the current inflection point in banking and will introduce you to the “Modern Family” journey, where the silos between consumer and business banking are no longer apparent due to the transformative effects of Deloitte Digital, Temenos Infinity, and Salesforce. Watch to hear more about the innovative power of the creative design thinking approach, and the challenges and insights, which have led to this joint Deloitte and Temenos collaboration.