Max Live on CNBC

Our CEO Max Chuard live on CNBC TV on Wednesday 21 April giving an update on our strong Q1 2021 results and continued growth.

Red Hat How to Get More out of your Automation Strategy

Stay ahead of your peers and meet the increased customer demands through the use of intelligent automation. Intelligent automation runs the gamut from RPA to AI, and to solve today’s problems in a scalable and resilient way you need to know how to apply the right tech to the problem. In this session Red Hat will provide you the fundamentals to take the next step in your automation journey.

Innovating with Temenos Technology​

The fast spread of digital banking technologies left banks with a complex architecture, data, and services are fragmented through systems preventing innovation and increasing cost. Microservices is a revolutionary technology that is underpinning the Temenos technology platform and architecture, including Transact and Infinity. Launching domain-specific microservices in the back and front office enables banks to deploy changes faster, scale granularly, innovate without limits and progressively renovate their existing systems.​ Watch this video to hear more.