Microsoft’s Financial Services group helps financial firms leverage technology to amplify the impact their people can deliver to drive business success. By helping customers in banking, capital markets/securities, and insurance, Microsoft is successful in helping customers achieve four business outcomes: develop relationships, drive innovation, improve operations, and build connections.

Temenos Transact on Microsoft Azure

Temenos Transact on Microsoft Azure is helping customers like Reall, a UK-based charity that provides basic financial services and financing strategies to people living in slum communities.

Microsoft and Neobanks

Australian digital neobank, Volt Bank, goes live in record time with Temenos digital banking platform.

Open Banking: A shared opportunity

Insights and perspectives in Asia Pacific represented by different parts of the open banking ecosystem, including incumbent financial institutions, fintechs, technology companies, consultancies and many more.

Banking in the Cloud

Until now, technology has typically been a costly hurdle for financial institutions, particularly those in emerging markets where developing customized solutions or investing in advanced banking platforms has either been unfeasible or the result has been too many failures, too many resources used and too much time wasted.