We specialize in and provide expert services to deliver on premise or cloud based Temenos data and analytics products. This includes Temenos Analytics (formerly Temenos Insight), Enterprise Risk Management (formerly Insight Risk), Data Framework and more.

ClearSight Solutions is a Canadian headquartered company with offices in Vancouver, Canada, London, UK and San Jose, Costa Rica whose sole purpose is giving customers the best experience and service they deserve.

Our mission is to earn the privilege to work with customers throughout their data and analytics journey by providing excellent service and results.

ClearSight helps banks unlock the power of their data to become analytically driven companies to create profitable and efficient improvements throughout their entire organization.

ClearSight has helped our clients achieve their goals working with:

  • Temenos Analytics:
    • Operational, Regulatory and Analytical Reporting
    • Customer Profitability
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Embedded Analytics
    • API Services
    • Real-Time Data
    • Temenos Analytics Upgrades and T24 Upgrade Mapping
    • Integrating source data from systems like external GLs, CRMs, Credit Cards and Loans Origination
  • Enterprise Risk Management:
    • Regulatory Capital
    • ALM & Liquidity Management
    • Market Analytics
    • Basel II and III reporting
  • Data Framework Relational Replication
  • Data Migration and Reconciliation Services
  • Data Governance
  • Data Integration