Success Stories


Modernises its core banking systems to drive continued success

Vancouver, Canada

Vancity built a position as the largest community credit union in Canada, but behind the scenes relied on aging solutions that did not provide sufficient customer information. To gain deeper insights into client demand, Vancity transformed its systems by deploying the Temenos core banking platform alongside Temenos Analytics. The new solutions enable Vancity to perform in-depth analysis of data assets, enabling executives to plan, develop and launch new products closely aligned to customer requirements that will drive tomorrow’s growth.

“Analytics for credit unions is very important. It’s the thing that gives us insight into our business, it gives us a heads up on how we are trending, when the information speaks.”

Bruce Hogg, Vice President Information Technology

“Temenos has international presence; there is a good community out there and in Canada especially of people that are using the system. So, it is more than purchasing the system, it is about the support, about knowledge of banking throughout the world and getting the heads up on the new changes that are coming down.”

Bruce Hogg, Vice President Information Technology