Success Stories

Success Story

Banco Azul – Success Story

Banco Azul empezó en 2015 como el primer banco realmente local en El Salvador. Su meta era desafiar con servicios y productos superiores a los gigantes financieros extranjeros que dominan el mercado bancario en el país.
Success Story

Banco Multiva – Success Story

The Temenos solutions help Banco Multiva to evolve its products in tune with constantly changing customer requirements, ensuring client satisfaction and contributing to competitive advantage over its rivals.
Success Story

BCCL – Success Story

Después de analizar 53 posibles soluciones a través de un proceso formal de selección, el banco optó por Temenos Transact debido a que cumplía con sus exigentes requisitos tecnológicos.
Success Story

AlbaCo – Success Story

Pre-configured UK Model Bank functionality will help AlbaCo to meet its regulatory compliance goals, while the cloud deployment using Temenos SaaS will keep costs low and contribute to a fast return on investment.
Banca Pyme, Challenger Banks, Cloud & SaaS, Core Banking, Digital Front Office
Success Story

Alpian – Success Story

Alpian SA is a new Swiss digital bank that provides people with assets of between CHF 100,000 and 1 million with tailored private banking and wealth management services. To capture…
Challenger Banks, Cloud & SaaS, Core Banking, Gestión Patrimonial & Banca Privada, Payments
Success Story

EQ Bank – Success Story

The dividends for banks prepared to embrace bold new strategies and operating models has never been higher. Consumers are looking for ever more flexible services that slot into their fast-moving…
Challenger Banks, Core Banking, Data & Analytics
Success Story

FlowBank – Success Story

FlowBank promises “Seriously Simple Swiss Banking” that makes it easy for investors to manage their portfolio. After gaining a banking license in July 2020, the Geneva-based operation now wants to go to market by the end of the year.
Challenger Banks, Cloud & SaaS, Core Banking, Gestión Patrimonial & Banca Privada
Success Story

Flowe – Success Story

Banco Mediolanum launched Flowe in June 2020 with a unique vision. Targeted at a younger demographic that demands a more ethical and innovative approach, Flowe will be an environmentally-friendly digital bank that not only helps customers to build a sustainable financial future, but also partners with reforestation schemes and uses recycled wood for its payment cards.
Challenger Banks, Cloud & SaaS, Core Banking, Financial Crime Mitigation, Payments
Success Story

Laskaris Finance – Success Story

Laskaris Finance is aiming to become the premier challenger bank in Malta, which is rapidly emerging as one of the key financial centers in Europe.
Challenger Banks, Core Banking, Financial Crime Mitigation, Gestión Patrimonial & Banca Privada
Success Story

Metro Bank – Success Story

Integrated technology is front and center in executing the Bank's strategy of turning customers into fans. From the outset, the ability to see a real-time single view of a customer's complete relationship with the Bank together with the ability to quickly create products and services to deliver differentiated Metro Bank's value to their customers and were key drivers for the Temenos decision.
Banca Pyme, Challenger Banks, Core Banking
Success Story

NCBA Bank- Success Story

In the first 40 days of M-Shwari having opened its mobile doors with Temenos in November 2012, the Bank on-boarded 1M customers. After 3 months, they had 3M customers. To date, M-Shwari now has 25M million customers growing at an average rate of 10,000 new customers per day.
Banca Universal, Challenger Banks, Core Banking, Data & Analytics
Success Story

Openbank – Success Story

To drive domestic and international expansion and to support the group’s digital strategy, Openbank chose Temenos Transact, the next generation in core banking, to help power its operations for retail and SME banking across its global operations.
Banca Pyme, Challenger Banks, Core Banking, Digital Front Office, Gestión Patrimonial & Banca Privada
Success Story

STCPay – Success Story

Having established itself as the most popular mobile wallet app in the Middle East, STCPay now aims to double its customer base to six million by 2021 and seize a position as the leading digital challenger bank in the region.
Challenger Banks, Core Banking, Payments