Success Stories

Success Story

Banco Azul – Success Story

In a short space of time, Banco Azul has onboarded 46,000 customers and now manages 29,000 loans—and with Temenos on its side, it is well on its way to seizing 5% of the banking market in El Salvador by 2020.

Success Story

Banco Multiva – Success Story

The Temenos solutions help Banco Multiva to evolve its products in tune with constantly changing customer requirements, ensuring client satisfaction and contributing to competitive advantage over its rivals.

Success Story

BCCL – Success Story

After analysing 53 different possible solutions in a formal selection process BCCLselected Temenos Transact as it met its demanding technological requirements.

Success Story

Prestanómico – Success Story

Prestanómico selected Temenos Transact on the cloud for its core banking platform. The bank also turned to the Temenos Marketplace to source analytics solutions from leading FinTechs, including biometric authentication and risk scoring tools.

Success Story

Alawwal Bank – Success Story

With Temenos underpinning its operations, Alawwal Bank has almost doubled in size with new branches and customers, ensuring it maintains its position as a key player in the Saudi market.
Banca Corporativa, Banca Islámica, Banca Universal, Core Banking, Digital Front Office, Payments
Success Story

Alllied Bank – Success Story

Allied Bank has a history of growth dating back over seven decades. But to continue its journey in the age of digital services, the bank wanted to refresh its core…
Banca Corporativa, Banca Islámica, Banca Universal, Core Banking, Data & Analytics
Success Story

Bank of Ireland – Success Story

It may be the oldest of the ‘Big Four’ Irish banks, but Bank of Ireland is constantly striving to innovate to ensure that it can defend its position from new…
Banca Corporativa, Banca Universal, Core Banking, Data & Analytics, Digital Front Office
Success Story

Bank of Kigali Plc – Success Story

To enable the rapid product and service innovation that will attract new accounts from the younger generation and the unbanked population, Bank of Kigali will deploy Temenos Transact and Temenos Payments. These solutions will streamline and automate the bank’s processes and offer next-generation core banking capabilities, including advanced analytics, reporting, risk and compliance.
Banca Universal, Core Banking, Temenos T24 Transact – Core Banking
Success Story

Bank SinoPac – Success Story

After a detailed assessment of leading vendors, Bank SinoPac found the ideal solution: Temenos Transact. The bank decided to implement the Temenos core solution to support its domestic operations in Taiwan and its overseas corporate businesses in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Vietnam, and the United States.
Banca Corporativa, Banca Universal, Core Banking
Success Story

Banque de l’Habitat – Success Story

To replace the limited functionality of its previous core systems, the bank will implement a comprehensive suite of Temenos solutions, including Temenos Transact, Temenos Data & Analytics, Channels, Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation, and Enterprise Risk Management.
Banca Universal, Bancos Centrales, Core Banking, Data & Analytics, Digital Front Office, Financial Crime Mitigation, Payments
Success Story

Byblos Bank – Success Story

Byblos Bank engaged Temenos for a healthcheck of its Temenos Transact platform, with two one-week sessions to fine-tune the solutions and identify areas for improvement.
Banca Islámica, Banca Universal, Core Banking
Success Story

Commercial Bank of Africa, M-Shwari – Success Story

In the first 40 days of M-Shwari having opened its mobile doors with Temenos in November 2012, the Bank on-boarded 1M customers. After 3 months, they had 3M customers. To date, M-Shwari now has 25M million customers growing at an average rate of 10,000 new customers per day.
Banca Universal, Challenger Banks, Core Banking, Data & Analytics
Success Story

Consolidated Bank Ghana – Success Story

With the Temenos solution in place, CBG has the capabilities it needs to create innovative new offerings for its one million customers and launch easy-to-access digital services that will boost accessibility to financial services in Ghana.
Banca Universal, Core Banking
Success Story

CWB – Success Story

Canadian Western Bank wanted to find a vendor that was as committed to innovation as they are - and Temenos delivered exactly that. With Temenos Transact, they gain the rock-solid platform they need to drive business.
Banca Corporativa, Banca Pyme, Banca Universal, Core Banking, Data & Analytics