Winner of the Celent Model Bank 2019 Award for Customer Engagement

For Umpqua, whose enduring value proposition was built around delivering a differentiated and valued customer experience (CX), the challenge was how to transform that experience from brick and mortar to digital. This is nearly every bank’s challenge.

Recognizing that many consumers are financially underserved and that virtually all customers want access to a real person, Umpqua developed Go-To to connect real people through a digital platform. Essentially, Umpqua is democratizing private banking by giving every customer the ability to choose their own personal Go-To banker devoted to their financial needs. With Go-To, Umpqua has made digital banking both intensely personal and scalable.

Umpqua’s vision is to continue to use its customer experience focus and culture to create a differentiated, valued customer experience while continuing to challenge common industry assumptions about what customers need and how they want to be served. Go-To is not Umpqua’s end game, merely its most recent point of differentiation and its first Human Digital Banking tool…

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