Temenos 25 Years

16 November 2018 marks 25 years since Temenos first opened for business.

It is a significant milestone in our company’s history and one worth celebrating and sharing because the success of Temenos has always been due to our clients, our shareholders, partners and employees who all underpin the positive development of our company.

From the very start we believed in our people and the uniqueness of our products and that belief remains true today. That same belief drove us to invest relentlessly over the years, to innovate and to operate with a long-term strategic view and a day-to-day sense of urgency. Always ‘seeing things differently.’ The way we worked on day one – hands-on, close to the issues, the market, our clients and our product – is still the way we work today. Every deal counts, every implementation is important and every client is valued.

The anniversary provides an opportunity for us to reflect on our collective achievements and to reaffirm our unswerving commitment to influencing the way banking is carried out for the 21st Century.

Thanks for sharing our journey to date and here’s to a bright future together.

Doing Banking Differently

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