Engage Rapid Response

Social distancing is shrinking the number of in-person interactions with much of the population opting to bank at home, but it is still possible to maintain the level of personalization and trust financial institutions have thrived on for years. Temenos Infinity Engage is here to help you bridge the gap between human and digital interactions with a platform for connecting, communicating and maintaining relationships with those that matter most – your customers.

Your Growth = Human + Digital

We believe, even in these unprecedented times, that your financial institution’s digital growth starts now. While many may argue that digital growth is replacing all human interaction, that’s simply not true. Financial institutions can implement digital strategies that enable one-on-one conversations with their customers in a modern way. In fact, technology is bringing human interaction back.

Temenos Infinity Engage is a unique “human digital banking” platform that allows customers to choose their own personal banker. Customers review various banker’s profiles and select the best fit. Instead of a call center or branch interaction, customers can have an experience similar to social media with their personal banker. Temenos Infinity Engage essentially puts a banker in the pocket of each customer – bringing the human touch to digital banking, not by layering one technology on another, but by leveraging real, live human beings.

Solution Overview

Temenos Infinity Engage is a unique mobile financial messaging tool that helps build 1:1 relationships between bank staff and customers using an SMS style interface that is familiar and comfortable to users. Personalized banking has become a popular buzzword in the industry but Engage is the only proven solution with the people, technology and roadmap to scale and innovate.

Common use case:

  • Strict social distancing measures and city lock-downs have seen the closure of branches or decreases in visits. Create a digital environment such as a cyber-branch using Temenos Infinity Engage, enabling your branch staff to continue to serve customers as they normally would in person
  • Digitize interactions that might traditionally go to departments such as call centers – building relationships whenever and whenever your customers choose to engage.
  • Reduce high call center volumes or web-chat by providing another channel for your customers to access your staff.

Key benefits for your customers:

  • Enable your customers to keep the benefits of the personal experience they value at the branch and merge it with the convenience and simplicity of a digital channel.
  • Your customers can choose the person they think is the best fit for them and their finances, and can chat with the same person each time they use the app to receive personal advice tailored to their circumstances and goals
  • Everyday situations are made easy. Say your customer misplaces his/her wallet and has to place cards on hold, or needs to come up with a cost effective way to consolidate debt, or just ask a question. No matter how trivial or complex, customers can just pick up their phones and chat with their personal banker.
  • Customers can see if their personal banker is online. If they don’t want to wait, they can ask for another banker or send a message and wait until their banker is back online to respond
  • All of this with no wait times and real human interaction – now that’s convenience with a personal touch!

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