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Regulation E - Electronic Funds Transfer Act: Error Resolution

Presenters: Cindy LeBlanc and Rachelle Dekker

October 18, 2017


Do you struggle when it comes to following the Regulation E resolution process? Well, you're not alone! The upcoming Temenos Talks webinar will take you back to the basics! We will untwist the complicated liability limits and timing requirements of the Regulation E error resolution process, work through specific examples of errors, walk through the error resolution progression step by step and discuss challenging situational examples every institution faces.

Join Temenos' Senior Compliance Advisors, Cindy LeBlanc and Rachelle Dekker, to untangle the everyday challenges of error resolution. Key discussion topics will include:

  • Understanding when and why provisional credit is or is not required.
  • Learning when the investigation clocks starts whether it is through verbal or written claims.
  • Comprehending what it means when you use 10, 20, 45 or 90 days during the investigation period.

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