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Preventing Fraud with Facial Scans

By Kris Frantzen 14 Mar 2018

Presenters: Dennis Maicon from IDology and Kris Frantzen

March 13, 2018


Massive breaches have resulted in everyone’s personal identification information being available on the dark web for criminal purposes. Furthermore, adoption of EMV chips in credit and debit cards, along with increasing mobile fraud, has pushed sophisticated fraud schemes into the digital realm more than ever before. Meanwhile, companies are under intense pressure to make user experiences as frictionless as possible. These dynamics have forced the authentication and fraud monitoring community to reimagine solutions and innovate in order to meet the demands of businesses while fighting fraudsters.

Join Dennis Maicon, VP of Sales and Business Development at IDology, and Temenos' Kris Frantzen, VP Product Strategy of the Lifecycle Management Suite, in a discussion on best practices for re-imaging authentication and fraud monitoring in the digital age. During this webinar we will dive deeper into:

  • How facial technology is used in onboarding new credit cards, new accounts, prepaid cards and more
  • Best practices for preventing fraud while still meeting compliance regulations
  • The value of of real-time technology solutions that verify an individuals identiy and age

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