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Optimizing Debt Collections and Recovery

By Temenos reporter 29 Jun 2017

Optimizing Debt Collections and Recovery

Thursday, March 16 | 2 p.m. EST


According to TransUnion’s latest quarterly Industry Insights, while personal loans topped $100 billion for the first time ever, in 2016 auto delinquency increased by 13.4%, while the delinquency rate for personal loans rose to 3.83%. Are you prepared to effectively and efficiently manage collections and recovery?

A comprehensive risk management strategy can improve relationships with account holders, while helping to reduce delinquency rates and in turn the number of charge off accounts. Join Temenos as we discuss how to enhance processes for debt recovery, and how that can be supported by your technology strategy. Key topics of this webinar include:

  • Best practices for transitioning accounts from collections to recovery
  • Methods to improve interactions with the debtor
  • Ways to enhance efficiency of internal recovery processes
  • The benefits of enhancing visibility into all recovery activities, across all levels of the organization

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