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It's All About Relationships

By Kris Frantzen 29 Nov 2017

Presenters: Bob Schroeder and Kris Frantzen

October 18, 2017


It is a given that technology becomes antiquated over time, however; it is equally important to realize that your organization’s processes and procedures can become outdated just as quickly. In today’s fast paced market, financial institutions must be willing to evolve, enhance their operations, and most importantly, focus more of their time developing relationships with their existing and potential account holders.

Join the Temenos team and Vice President Bob Schroeder, from Lending Solutions Consulting Inc., as we discuss why forming lifelong partnerships is a necessity in this era. During the webinar attendees will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Different methods and focuses for lending and why it is important to consider more than just a consumer’s credit score
  • The five factors that make up a credit score, better ways to understand the score and the importance of educating your account holders on how to improve their credit score
  • Various business strategies needed to improve your organization's earnings while being able to offer services and products to all potential consumers

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